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Any app for Android like Air Video Server on the iPhone?

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  1. ivanhny

    ivanhny New Member

    Is there any sort of app for Android that works like Air Video Server?

  2. hitekalex

    hitekalex Well-Known Member

    Also looking for something like Air Video (or StreamToMe) for Android..

    Unfortunately, this is where the quality difference between Android Market and Apple App Store is so apparent.. An app of Air Video functionality and quality simply does not exist, and anything that attempts to resemble it is garbage..
  3. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    I think Orblive should do the trick. It does video, music, and pics.
  4. hitekalex

    hitekalex Well-Known Member

    Yeah, well.. I had tried Orb Live, and it's far from great.. The video quality streaming is very poor, it doesn't support the full device resolution.. Just look at the Market reviews for this app - it's not just me who thinks it's junk.

    We really need Air Video quality product for Android.. There is a thread on Air Video developer site forum asking for Android support. If you would also like to see Air Video for Android - add your post here (it takes a second to register with them):

    Android Support Please

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