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  1. Grey Cat

    Grey Cat New Member

    My stratosphere just locked up the other day and then has been fritzing out - going to take it to verizon store today. Here is what happened - it somehow told "my verizon" account to delete all my contacts and wiped out all my photos on SD card. Lucky I went to "My Verizon" account and found my contact in the trash folder so I did get them restored. But now phone is looping in boot up mode, apps don't work, screen is pixelating. Any one else having these issues?

  2. MeLittleMe

    MeLittleMe Active Member

    I think if the rest of us had those issues then, like you, we'd be at the Verizon store!

    No lost contacts for me.
  3. Grey Cat

    Grey Cat New Member

    here is an update - Verizon re-installed my operating system and things cleared up some, but the phone was still accessing apps very slowly, and sometimes not at all. So the tech agreed I need a new phone and ordered one to be sent to my house. No explanation on how the phone could have caused the deletion of my contacts or all photos on SD card. Hopefully this new phone will be built after they had a chance to find the glitches and fix them. One thing I forgot to mention in my first post was I got my Stratosphere the day they were introduced on Oct 13 - so I'm thinking I got one with early glitches still in tact.
  4. starxcrossed

    starxcrossed New Member

    Yes! This happened to me a couple weeks in of owning the phone. I went to my messages and noticed it was all numbers, no names. Went to my contacts, only the preset Verizon numbers. I had a slight panic attack, went online to my My Verizon account and then had to take them all out of the trash (don't know how it happened!) and then just clicked export and it all went back to the phone.

    I'm just happy I remembered to check My Verizon and my trash box otherwise I would've had nearly no contacts. Maybe I should go old school and keep a physical address book too...
  5. gbsonguitars

    gbsonguitars New Member

    I'm curous, where is the "trash box" located?

    EDIT: The reason I ask is because it happened to me too :(
  6. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    This is why all contacts should be Google Contacts... NEVER use "Phone" contacts. If you have a bunch that way now, just tag them all and Send them Via email to your Google account and open it on the PC, it will create a VCF file and you can import it into Google Contacts. Or if they are listed on VZW's Backup site, export them as a CSV and import them into Google and never worry about losing your contacts again, even if you switch carriers!

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