any browsers where SwiftKey3 predictions work in searches?

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  1. dr4sight

    dr4sight Well-Known Member

    What I like best about SwiftKey3 keyboard is its word prediction ability. My two favorite browsers are Boat and Dolphin. I like Startpage search more than Google.
    On either browser the keyboard does not offer predictions in the Startpage box. (It doesn't seem to do so either with a Google search.)

    Do any of the popular browsers out there work so that the prediction line shows up when you are keying in a search?

  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    This has nothing to do with your browser. It is a Swiftkey decision.

    If you go to their forums ( you will see that, especially in flow, people are constantly complaining about this to them. They recently made some minor changes and flow now works in some areas more than it did before.

    But it is very frustrating and part of the reason that I am considering switching for good back to swype - which does not have this issue
  3. anzi

    anzi Member

    At least a while ago SwiftKey predictions worked in Sleipnir browser, but you also get auto spaces all the time, so it's more of an annoyance...

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