Any Cure For the Shutdown Problem?Support

  1. Lautermilch

    Lautermilch Member

    I take care of three Admires and one is shutting down without warning. It is about six months old.

    I have done a lot of searching before posting here and I have found quite a number of people with the same problem with the Admire and some other Samsung models but no solutions are given except for a factory reset.

    This phone is a a MetroPCS.

    Are there any cures to this besides replacment?

  2. Shadynastys

    Shadynastys New Member

    That's been happening to me and I was wondering why as well. My phones shuts off when I play a game like little empire. Its not overheated or anything. Stupid model!
  3. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    Are either of you rooted? Do you have a lot of apps? I'm wondering how your internal memory is. When I was with Sprint, my non rooted Evo started doing the same thing & when I took it in they said it was because I was low on internal memory. They suggested I download android assistant from the market. With this app you can easily move movable apps to sf card (more will move if you're rooted) just noticed my card I meant. You can also clear cache, clear history, there.are 18 tools for better performance. It's worth trying, or something similar.


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  4. exile1975

    exile1975 Well-Known Member

    Try clearing dalvik cache
  5. jaimecool

    jaimecool Member

    Ive been having this same problem and i found the solution to be taking out the sd card right after the phone shuts down and putting it back in after the phone is finished rebooting. This worked for me hope it helps

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