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any custom recovery for pantech pocket??

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  1. dominic97

    dominic97 New Member

    i really need a custom recovery for pantech pocket!!! please help:):):):):):):):):)

  2. dominic97

    dominic97 New Member

    or where can i find a stock recovery image
  3. amablejaquez

    amablejaquez New Member

  4. ph420

    ph420 New Member

    this is ******deeeddd.....

    so i root my pocket and install v6 supercharger.. screen becomes unresponsive... my wife thinks she deleates it and ends up removing the pantech launcher.... so i find amablejaquez stupid ass recover.img and i flash it with fastboot and the stupid ****** put a wrong recovery.img now my homebutton and notifications dont work and i cannot get back into recovery after i tried to flash recovery... ****... called pantech no help called att no help "hardware issue" they said
  5. joerichards

    joerichards Member

    I'm trying to restore my Pantech P9060 with the restore.img you posted using AIO Flasher but when I try to boot my phone into fastboot the screen just says 's/w upgrading' and stays like that until I pull the battery Also AIO Flasher asks for the partition and I don't know if I should choose recovery or system (if i ever solved the fastboot problem)
  6. joerichards

    joerichards Member

    Did you ever solve this problem because I need to restore stock rom on my pantech pocket I downloaded the amablejaquez recovery.img and flashed it using fastboot to my recovery partition now the phone is unchanged except i can no longer boot into recovery mode Please help if you can thanks

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