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Any difference b/t Pandigital 7" Tablet and the Novel 7?General

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  1. GotoDengo

    GotoDengo Member

    I JUST picked up a refurbished Pandigital Tablet 72-70FW, thinking it was the 7" Reader. Is there any real difference b/t the 2? I had been reading the instructions for getting cyanogen on the 7 Reader... will they work on the "tablet"?

    For my kids, mainly just care about full Android market access and Froyo/2.2+ mod.


  2. Giterdone1956

    Giterdone1956 New Member

    Pretty much one and the same except the e-reader hasn't been flashed to run as a tablet. Get the
    Pandigital Tablet 72-70FW or
    better yet find something with Android 2.3 or higher so you can at least run flash video. Wish I did.

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