Any FAX Programs?

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  1. tiredhiker

    tiredhiker Well-Known Member

    Does any G1 program do FAXs? I need to send a FAX. I would think I should be able to send and recieve a FAX on my G1....all I need is the program...

  2. tiredhiker

    tiredhiker Well-Known Member

    Yes a Normal fax. I can use the local Post Office as I am in Vietnam but if they sand a fax back I will not get it. Seems our G1's have a lot of program missing like SPEED DIAL ! And the updated Video recorder will not save or play. I guess in time....
  3. FAMAK

    FAMAK New Member

    I was looking for a cheap, efficient faxing app and offered not only a faxing service but remote file storage too! So you can send faxes and receive faxes into your 'droid phone and store the faxed documents off-site. The app is FREE TOO :D! Check out their page here: FilesAnywhere Online File Storage - Android App
  4. rwallace

    rwallace New Member

    I would check out if you want to send or receive faxes from your Droid. There is no app needed because you can send faxes directly from your existing email account hooked up to your G1. All you need to do is address the email to "", attach any files you want to fax and click send (the "faxnumber" should be your recipient's fax number).

    Their online fax service comes with free fax storage for 1 year and their monthly fax plans start at $6 / mo for 250 inbound or outbound faxes. The mobile version of their site loads really quickly on my G2 and if I need to send signed documents, I can just take a picture of the document and send it to a regular fax machine with fax by email.
  5. SuperDuck

    SuperDuck New Member

    sadly, gsm modems (routers) in phones are not capable for faxing.
  6. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Based on what? Your device has no fax hardware in it. Using the same logic I could think that I should be able to make toast with my device but it won't happen. :D

    To send/receive faxes you need a fax service. The service may utilize an app but an app by itself won't suddenly make you device capable of faxing.

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