Any first person shooter (FPS) games?

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  1. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    Are there any GOOD fps droid games out there? I cant seem to find any.

  2. Jakbob

    Jakbob Well-Known Member

    Toon warz is pretty fun. There's a paid and lite version for you to try.
  3. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    Where'd u get it at?
  4. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    Seriously, droid doesnt for games.
  5. trekgraham

    trekgraham Well-Known Member

    I expect more quality games will come now with the hardware improved and android 2.x, just need to give developers time to create good ports and original content
  6. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

    And I hope you are right!!
  7. trekgraham

    trekgraham Well-Known Member

    Man you have no idea how much I hope I'm right, fingers are crossed!
  8. yzingerr

    yzingerr Well-Known Member

  9. roblloyd

    roblloyd New Member

  10. braj

    braj Well-Known Member

    I'm almost done playing through NOVA and hope they release NOVA 2 for Android soon. If you like Halo, give yourself some time to learn the controls with NOVA and you'll feel like you are playing Halo a lot of the time. tip: play a local multi-player game with no one else in the room, then just run and jump and get used to everything, you can really customize everything in these Gameloft FPS.
  11. papazche

    papazche Active Member

  12. weaselaow

    weaselaow Well-Known Member

    ^^ great answer
  13. daveloft

    daveloft Well-Known Member

  14. daveloft

    daveloft Well-Known Member

    They won't work with low end devices like the Optimus One.

    You need a device with a high res display and a good GPU like the Droid, Droid 2, Droidx, Galaxy S, Nexus S, Desire Z, Desire HD.
  15. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Well-Known Member

  16. braj

    braj Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried Brothers in Arms yet? I have to wait a bit before buying another game, I just got Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. I've been loving my phone lately for gaming, I think that after getting really used to on-screen controls and now with some good games I rather play games on my phone than anything else. My concern though is that I don't wear out the screen with aggressive gameplay. I have gorilla glass but still.
  17. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    For some reason this thread continually gets woken from its slumber. Let's allow it to rest in peace. I'm locking it, therefore. If anyone disagrees, please PM me. I'm flexible and open to other points of view.
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