Any Free Parental Controls ???

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  1. mystic.bertie

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    i am thinking of getting my 2 daughters 11 and 13 a smartphone running android. As a concerned parent i do want to limit what they can access online and as far as social networking goes limit them to using the facebook app. It would also be good to monitor what websites they do visit and who they text and call.

    before folk say spying is wrong, i dont care, my daughter of 13 made friends with a family on holiday and an 18 year old naive boy, its just a friend thing but im still not happy about it although im sure its just a friend thing i would rather keep an eye on it.

    so is there any free apps that allow me to do this?? I used to use k9 for the pc and that was great at blocking the likes of you tube and social networking sites and stuff of an adult nature etc.

    this is a question about free apps, if your gonna give me tips on parenting then please save your breath and go bug someone else lol :D:D:D

  2. gregs887

    gregs887 Well-Known Member

    Many feature phones (dumbphones) now have Facebook apps, games, and limited web access. With a feature phone it will be easier to control what kind of content makes it on to the the phone. Many of these phones even look like smartphones now. These will also be cheaper, as kids aren't always careful with their toys.

    I think that Android phones are much too open for what you are trying to do. Go into a store and check out some feature phones.
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  3. mystic.bertie

    mystic.bertie Member

    thanks for the advice, i have not even heard of a feature phone i shall need to look into these. I have seen paid parental apps but they are costly for a years subscription.

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