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  1. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Well-Known Member

    I have an issue with phones. I don't know if there's some void i'm trying to fill in my life or if i'm trying to live out my fantasies of being in star trek, but when a new one comes out even with a small incremental barely even useful uprade, i jump on it. From the eris to the droid 2 to the thunderbolt to pretty much every android phone verizon has had, i got it. Alot of us take the amazing things our phones do for granted and forget how far we've come.

    I remember just a few years ago when i was going nuts trying to get a 720p hdtv. Now it's in my freaking phone!

    I remember when my computer was less powerful than my phone with less ram

    I remember when 32gigs of storage was unheard of and i was buying 1 gig memory cards for my music. Hell, my first mp3 player was a rio that only held 64mb of music. MB!

    I remember my first digital camera was a "jamcam" that could only take vga pictures and my next cam after that was $500 kodak cam that took 2mp pictures.

    I remember my first cell phone couldn't even handle mp3 ringtones. Now i can store my entire music library on it and listen with a quality set of earbuds that CAME with the phone

    I remember hearing the first space shuttle that flew a man to the moon had the computer capacity of today's digital watches

    And it's ridiculous because technology as fast as it's moving, isn't moving fast enough to have a high end phone be completely outdated in just a couple months. Whether it was a step up or not, i was a new phone every few months kinda guy. And this is finally where i'm at...

    I'm happy with this phone. Every other phone i've ever had i've nitpicked it to the point where i started to focus on the negatives and be burning to switch to another phone. "This phone has crap battery life, maybe that other one will be better" or "this camera has slight image noise, maybe that other one will be better!' Everytime i've gone to another phone hoping this or that would be fixed and i'd finally be content i was let down. There was always something.

    I've learned what i like, what i need to accept and what would be worth upgrading for someday

    I've learned: camera optics in phones haven't changed much over the past 2 years. Yeah, they look better now. But even going back to the original droid incredible and comparing it to say, the new nexus you can see that a phone nearly 2 years old had the same or better quality pictures. As far as we've come, we're still not to the point, opctics/lens wise, where we could say "awesome. We're done. We've finally perfected the camera inside of a phone and now we can stop upgrading". A phone camera 2 years from now might look the same as the rezound

    I've learned: Phones have bugs. All of them. It's not as easy anymore to say "This phone has so and so bug. I'm leaving this phone for THAT other new phone and that'll fix the problem". More like than not, you're just trading one problem for another. There will be bugs in pretty much every single phone that comes out. What we as consumers need to figure out is if the pros in a certain phone outweigh the cons and support companies that actually try to fix the bugs. I hated my thunderbolt for almost everything it did. Wouldn't keep a data connection, rebooted at the worst times, low volume in video recording and massive force closing on almost every app i had. The updates i got from htc solved ALL of my issues. Some users reported a few bugs with the bug fixes, but generally, everything was fixed. Whereas with other phones, my bugs just stayed there and nobody gave a damn about any fix

    I've learned: I had a checklist of sorts for what would be my perfect phone. It went something like: no lag, great os/skin, awesome camera (for a phone) screen to die for and a good aesthetic to it/build quality. Now that lag is officially a thing of the past and sense 3.5 is fun again with ice cream sandwich on the way, what am i waiting for? What amazing advancement will happen in the next year that would really make my phone feel dated? This phone is about as good as a phone can be right now. For me anyway

    What i've learned to accept: well like i said, that camera technology is slower moving than phone makers would like to make it seem and that battery tech is at a standstill. I've read year after year "we're only 4-5 years away from new batteries that last a week or more!". I read this every year. I'll believe it when i see it. The nexus will have only decent battery life, the razr will have the same and the rezound is in the same league. So as we all of us that use android know, we remedy this was spare batteries,extended batteries or conserving.

    What i would upgrade for in the future: i have no god damn idea anymore. This phone has destroyed my checklist and i honestly can't think of a single thing besides better battery life that i'd work on. We all know quad cores will come next year but it'll take time to utilize and saturate the market with content that actually need it and...dual core won't become irrelevant. A new quad core phone comes out tomorrow. Does that make my phone slow? Hell no. Will a new screen tech come out next year that make my rezound look bad? No way. Where will we go? LED? Full HD? Well sure. Once our phones are 42inch screens i'm sure that'll be a much needed upgrade.

    Honestly, i know this post is ridiculously long and unneeded and i'm probably repeating myself in places, i just wanted to say, i love this thing. I feel like we're hitting a plateu in cell phone tech and pretty soon it's going to be hard justifying upgrades when our checklists are dwindling down to nothing.

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  2. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Well-Known Member

    PS: if anybody read more than 2 paragraphs, i'd be surprised. Props to anybody that got to paragraph 3!
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  3. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    That's a lot of word....I vote "filling a void" and if you used all these words I say...

    [​IMG] :p
  4. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Well-Known Member

    I really just typed random words and that giant post came out. If any of it makes sense, it's purely accidental
  5. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest

    I will admit that working in IT, and the President of the company insisting everyone needs to be outfitted with an iPhone, I find having a top tier Android phone is a must. There's no way I'm going to carry around an inferior phone. Granted the Thunderbolt was adequate enough to make even the 4S look like old tech. It makes me feel like an IT Che Guevara.
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  6. Blackthanos

    Blackthanos Well-Known Member

    As human beings we do tend to believe that items can somehow fix our problems and make our lives better. Make US better. Especially Americans. We want everything and we want it instantly. We are conceived in the womb of Capitalism and are nursed from birth to believe its the key to happiness. Don't feel so happy? Take this pill. Have a hole in your life? By this item. Is your manhood under sized? Here's some Extenze. And we buy into the whole thing. Heavy on the BUY. So I know what you are getting at in your early comment way way way at the top of your Am I satisfied with my phone? Yes. It does what it said it would do. I didn't put any other burden on it's shoulders other than just be a good phone and I will deal with my life issues on my own and in my own good time.
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  7. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    I have to wait 2 years thanks to Verizon's 2-year contracts (and so I don't have to pay full, ridiculous prices for a newer phone). Do I LIKE having to wait? No. I'm usually an expert on a phone within 1 year and am ready to swap at that point. But I'm new to Android (I was a Palm guy for the last 15 years), so maybe it'll take me 2 years to learn the ins and outs of modding.

    As for the "hole" a new phone fills? I'm a computer geek for over 30 years so I am very used to the speed of technology and like playing with new "toys." I'm usually one of the 1st people to put the latest Windows on my desktop, or install the latest release of a software product I've enjoyed. And I like the challenges of being on the bleeding edge... until the point where I can't use my computer for a week until I fix a problem. =:-D
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  8. leroybrute

    leroybrute Well-Known Member

    My name is leroybrute, and I'm a cellphoneaholic! My problem began 2 years ago with the OG droid. As an enthusiast I started watching the internet forums on the weekends, and then all of a sudden htc, samsung, motorola started throwing ads pictures and teasing me with droids, thunderbolts, the X's, super amoled, qhd, hdmi, etc. The rest of the world made no SENSE anymore, BLURRed by the TOUCH WHIZadry of the ringing, vibrating computersin my pocket. It was hard to do but with the help of HTC I gathered all of my phones and put em all away. Except for one.

    I have to REZOUNDLY say I have been dry since NOVEMBER 14th. :D
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  9. leroybrute

    leroybrute Well-Known Member

    So instead of moving on and being courteous, he took that time that he could have read the OP, to make a rude post?
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  10. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Well-Known Member

    Basically, yeah. Some people would rather take a minute to tell you "nanana i'm not reading it" than read and participate. But hey, that's on them. I knew while i was writing my post that it was long and didn't expect a single person to even leave a reply, so since my expectations were so low...i'm just happy anybody responded. More than anything, i wrote it to get it out there since it was all floating around in my head
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  11. leroybrute

    leroybrute Well-Known Member

    Nice to see positive threads. Just stinks when they get crashed. I enjoyed it. :)
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  12. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    I read the WHOLE THING! I am long winded too, so though you pretty much posted my thoughts exactly, except for the specific phones you've owned, I probably would have made that post twice as long.

    I have my OG Droid, and am really looking forward to an upgrade in April, but would love to "finally settle" down and stop wishing I had what everyone else seems to, that would finally be enough to do anything I could ever want!

    I want a 4.3" (approximate) screen, dual core, LTE, 1.2+ GHZ, 1GB+ Ram, beautiful, zippy, smooth, fast, comfortable feel. A phone with enough bulk to feel tough, not too bulky to get in the way. A phone that can finally stop lagging while trying to use Facebook and Pandora together. Have as good or better than the resolution on my screen, not root, not rom, just enjoy, sit back, and say "I don't care what comes out right now, I'm happy for the forseeable future" and just go "aaahhhhh :)"
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  13. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    When I first saw this topic the other day, I said yea...good points, I agree.

    After seeing some stuff recently...I think if you are truly a gadget addict you wont be able to keep it for 2 years. Learned the Droid 4 comes with an FM Radio. If that cant get ported over to the I forgot that was on my checklist, and one reason I still keep my eye on the Bionic.

    The only thing helping my addiction is money, or not enough of it...Money also effected my buying decision a few months ago. I would probably have a Bionic right now if I had the funds when it came out. I am happy with my purchase....but I wanna see what the deal really is with the Rezound screen, the G Nex screen, the Droid 4, maybe even the Bionics. Performance between them all too. I am seriously thinking about getting all 4, doing some side by side by side by side comparisons.....and
  14. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Due to the title focusing on the addicted of gadget users, I say absolutely not.

    Addicts well be addicts. ;)
  15. gloriousnumber1

    gloriousnumber1 Well-Known Member

    I would say I'm a gadget addict, but I'm not rich enough to afford anything I want. I don't know if all you guys/gals who get each new phone when it comes out have some secret funding source, keep getting an extra line and cancel it later, use someone else's upgrade on your family plan, or are just independently wealthy, but a few hundred dollars every 2 years for something that I can't eat or use to put gas in my car is hard enough for me!

    I've been a gadget freak since I had my first AM/FM radio, Walkman (with rewind!), Discman, MP3 Player, 11k Electronic Organizer, etc)
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  16. Blackthanos

    Blackthanos Well-Known Member

    So in your opinion addicts have no hope of recovery or at least getting their addiction under a reasonable amount of control? I mean I don't believe that if you are an addict you can just say "Ok, I'm cured now." It's a life long thing you have to fight and work on but I don't think I would say if your an addict your an addict and have no hope of changing your habits. If I misunderstood your meaning then my apologies.
  17. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    I passed on the early phones because I knew they would not make me happy (to slow/sluggish). The phones last year were almost good enough but each time I looked at one seriously it just had too many flaws. Then this year crop showed up and I almost bit several times (epic 4g touch but LOS issue killed it; photon but had some early bugs; evo3d but screen completely washed out outside and reception issue).
    Now we have some fairly decent phones razr and rezound - neither is perfect for me (form factor; battery life; ...) but they are approach good enough (I'll probably order the rezound tomorrow; which it was thinner and had longer battery life but the razr has a few too many doubts for me; mostly with battery).

    What will happen in two years; can't say I'm sure battery technology will vastly improve (neat new stuff in the labs) and cameras wil improve. We will see better oled displays and bit better processing performance (not sure it is needed; but can't hurt). What I don't know is if there will be greater emphasis on reception and audio quality as well as speaker technology. Hard to tell. I had high hopes for the galaxy s2 but then sprint ruined it (4.5 instead of 4.3 and LOS issue - not really sprint's fault - also not super good reception) and verizon skipped it.
    My biggest concern about the rezound are the issues a few folks have had ; the form factor and lcd screen
    (a few folks have bad phone quality; battery life is less than 36 hours; bit thick for that front shirt pocket; some folks have heat issues; i like oled blacks - but not nec the current crop of over saturation)
    Anyways time will tell. Never know for sure what will happen tomorrow until tomorrow arrives.
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  18. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    I blame Google for my Cell Phone addiction . Before I bought my OG Droid on release date I would keep my cell phones for a very long time usually until I broke them or they just died on me . Since the release date of the OG Droid I've owned the following phones in this order (between 2 Verizon lines and a Sprint Line)
    OG Droid *
    Droid Eris
    Blackberry 8330
    Droid Incredible
    Fascinate *
    Iphone4 *
    Samsung Transform *
    EVO 4G
    HTC Rezound

    * indicates that I only owned the phone for 4 weeks or less

    10 Smartphones in what about 2.5 years haha that's insane but ohh well I really enjoy always having one the best phones. .. Now I love my Rezound but something about it just says to me I'll jump ship at the moment something even slightly better comes around . I am still buying a Nexus when it comes out but which ever phone I chose to keep I'm making it a mission for it to last till January 1st 2013 . I can give a full 12-13 months outside of that I guarantee nothing
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  19. apavolka

    apavolka Well-Known Member

    what phone gives you 36 hours of use out of it?
  20. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    The dumb phone I currently have gives me 3 weeks :)

  21. rafier

    rafier Well-Known Member

    I keep coming back to this thread since it was first posted.

    The original post should become an epic! So true in so many ways and so obvious.

    Thanks again for great reading! Insert your new phone name and enjoy the read. :):):)

    Two years from now I will have the implant phone installed with hypervision and unlimited data. Yes IMO, I believe one can live with this phone for two years. I still have a rotary dial phone in case the power goes out though... lol
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  22. Sportster

    Sportster Well-Known Member

    OP,you're right. There was so much hype surrounding the releases of the Rezound,Razr and Nexus! In reality, right now anyway, they're buggy suckers causing much headaches to alot of folks,myself included. I bought the Razr. Great phone....until the battery went from full to dead in a split second. Check the batt graph, gradual slope downward,draining slow and then WHAM, vertical red line to the bottom! These things are supposed to help simplify our lives, supposed to add to them! I can NAVIGATE! Listen to MUSIC! Watch MOVIES! Web BROWSE on it! Take PICS on it AND videos! Uh....not if the battery doesn't work I can't! So tommorrow I go around and round with Verizon on a replacement phone. I have the FUN of transfering EVERYTHING I JUST transfered OFF this phone TO the new one AND setting it all up AGAIN how I liked it after having JUST done it on THIS phone. oh JOY I'm so looking fOrWArd to it!!! ...maybe I should just go back to the simple life and get a cheapo 'phone only' deal.....less headaches I'd bet....
  23. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Gadget addicts simply like the next best thing- if a significant leap in their eyes. I think you read waaaaaaaaaay to deep into this one ;)
  24. Blackthanos

    Blackthanos Well-Known Member

  25. akingsfan

    akingsfan Member

    I have to say, CaptainObvious, that this was one of the best posts I've read. It wasn't overly technical, my wasn't too long. But best of all, it wasn't another negative post, full of complaints, hostility, and bitching. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact, you really summed up the phone geek's (of which I am one) constant dilema: Constantly searching for the next best thing without stopping to enjoy that current great thing that we're holding in our hands! I, myself, am up for a discount on a new phone, and a couple months ago, after hearing the initial reports of the HTC Rezound, there was NO DOUBT in my mind that this was the phone for me (I currently have the original Droid Incredible, which I have LOVED and been very happy with). But the second I heard about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I began doubting my desire for the Rezound (because, after all, what if the Samsung is "better"...I simply could not handle purchasing a phone that was the "best" on the market!). So I decided to wait. And then guess what? I am now hearing about the HTC Ville, which sounds even "better". Every day there will be something new, and something different, and us gadget geeks will always be chasing the next best thing, which disallows us from truly enjoying the amazing technology which we hold in our hands. Now I'm not saying that I still won't upgrade each time I can (that's just crazy talk!!!), but your post really has simplified the whole process for me, and has really put things in perspective. So...I'm going to go get my Rezound and I'm going to enjoy the hell out of it! Cheers!!!
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