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Any Galaxy R user from India ?General

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  1. linussk

    linussk Member

    Hello Android users of the World.

    Recently bought a Samsung galaxy R ( in India).
    Wish to know if there are any other users in india ?


  2. dasram

    dasram Member

    Ya i got the galaxy R from india recently!
  3. siriusrooney

    siriusrooney New Member

    Same here... got one yesterday. Not bad I would say... better on the finance!!! battery first time charge is staying for over 36 hours.. Much more than I expected!!!
  4. dasram

    dasram Member

    guys,did you try installing the games from Nvdia tegra zone . is the pinball hd game working in Galaxy R? please let me know..
  5. swatkats

    swatkats New Member

    Yessssss..I Bought the Galaxy R yesterday....am from chennai.. :)
  6. swatkats

    swatkats New Member

    and have started a community in facebook as "Samsung Galaxy R I9103". Do join there friends..
  7. saiki

    saiki New Member

    I Bought my Galaxy R today (18 Dec). Phone is pretty impressive so far!
  8. vishalthakker7

    vishalthakker7 New Member

    any one of u is facing any problem?
    I am from india and my carrier is TATA DOCOMO.
    When i call anybody i m not able to hear their voice and suddenly the phone gets disconnected.I am facing calldrop problem.
    Please guys any solution its not even a day of my purchase and facing this problem.
  9. chandanbs

    chandanbs New Member

    Hi there,
    I bought my SGR last friday...!!.
    I updated my rom to 2.3.6 !! :) courtesy xda site.. I'm loving it full.. classy clear screen.. and great memory specs.. just runs like a cheetah..:p
    very reasonable to buy considering the steep prices of galaxy s2 .. which is now downgraded to some lower gpu spec i heard..
    Tegra-2 rules..

    Welcome you all guys to this amazing smartphone club... i was using my samsung omnia i900 for last 2 years and loved it.. this is much better..
  10. tejagamer

    tejagamer New Member

    Got the Phone just today Eve.. :)
    I am from Hyderabad too.. Loving the phone!!! :D
  11. austinbond007

    austinbond007 New Member

    Hey my turn over option is not workin properly... if i place my Galaxy r on its back its pausing the music or making the calls silent!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!
  12. satishkikani

    satishkikani New Member


    I am from Mumbai and i bought it last week :)

    I had to remove camera as its not allowed in my office :(
  13. acceptme

    acceptme Member

    Hey friends, I had bought the phone in Jan 2nd week. loving it so far.
  14. punman

    punman New Member

    Hey guys bought the phone yesterday :).I am interested in knowing any tips and tricks for this phone.
  15. punman

    punman New Member

    How to update it?Can you please tell the procedure.
  16. Jyothis

    Jyothis New Member

    Got ma Galaxy R Exactly on my B'day...
    I love ma phone..... :)
  17. sk8erboi

    sk8erboi New Member

    this can be turned off from setting

    go to Settings > Motion > & uncheck "Tilt"
  18. reymysterio7

    reymysterio7 New Member

    Has any one has faced the random shutdown in galaxy r?
  19. badboku69

    badboku69 New Member

    Hi me too from mumbai ! welcome to the club.

    go to google play and just sellect my apps ! iT WILL SHOW THE LIST OFF APPS TO BE UPDATED.
  20. Tanssem

    Tanssem New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning on buying a s2 soon? which version is better? The R version with Tegra 2 or the normal one with Exynos 1.3 and mali400 gpu? I couldnt find a 'R' model in Bangalore.Almost all the dealers has the i9001 version. Anyone knows where i can get the Tegra 2 version in Bangalore? And also is there a price difference between the two? Whats your opinion about the Note?


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