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  1. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    I tried it. I first tried to play the music, and it was breaking up badly again. I made a quick phone call like you suggested , and hung up. the music played fine, after about the fourth song it started to break up again then eventually my phone rebooted itself

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    hmm maybe something else was in the way?

    if you have fast boot checked, uncheck it.

    reboot again if it was checked.

    once the phone streams, it does so until i end the session.
    try again my friend... :(
  3. darkleafar

    darkleafar Well-Known Member

    So I just recently upgraded from an Evo 3D to the Evo 4g LTE, and the phone is gorgeous and all, but I've lost a major feature and it is scaring the hell out of me, I hope you guys can help:

    Intro to my problem:
    I have a 2012 Prius V, which has built in Bluetooth and an USB port. My Evo 3D lacked the right level of bluetooth AVRCP profile needed in order to display track names, artwork, etc, on my Prius Nav screen through bluetooth. So to work around that, I would plug in my Evo 3D into the Prius's USB port, then I would select "Disk drive/USB mass storage mode" on the phone and voila! My car saw all my music, complete with track names, album artwork, etc.

    My main problem:
    All of my music is in my 16GB MicroSD card, so I figured just putting it into my new LTE Evo would suffice...but it didnt. When I plug in my LTE Evo, the "Disk drive/USB mass storage mode" NO LONGER triggers my car detecting it. I noticed a new option, called "Media Sync." Selecting that WILL trigger my car dectecting the phone storage, but it ONLY detects the BUILT IN phone storage, not what's on my MicroSD card.

    What's even worse...
    Also, if you are wondering, the LTE Evo, despite having Bluetooth 4.0, STILL DOES NOT have the right level of AVRCP needed to display album artwork and track names over bluetooth. I was very, extremely disappointed when I realized this. I ve always been a loyal Anti-Apple/Pro-Windows/pro-Android kinda tech guy, but how come Iphones have been able to do this (track names and album artwork over bluetooth) for several years and this new super phone of ours cannot?

    Where I need your help:
    1. How can I make it so that my car can recognize my MicroSD card, not just my phone's storage?
    2. I'm not gonna be forced to stick my music into my phone's built in storage instead of my MicroSD card, am I?
    3. Isnt there any software/firmware or mods/rooting stuff I can do to enable tracknames and album artwork over bluetooth on this phone, since it already has bluetooth 4.0 after all?

    Well, thank you very much for your time and I hope y'all have some awesome answers, more than greatly appreciated.
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  4. darkleafar

    darkleafar Well-Known Member

    Ok, so there has been a development: Turns out, I had USB debugging on. If I turn off, my car is able to see my music through the "Media Sync" option. However, its all completely whack. It sees the music and displays all its proper information, album, artist, album art, BUT its not organized as such. On the Browse feature (through my car's Nav screen) if I click on Artists, it shows "All artists" and "Unknown". Same with Albums category. Under playlists, my playlists show up, but when you click them it says "No Content".
    Now, when you look under the songs category, songs appear as follows:

    01 (track number) Random song for Android lovers (song name)

    The thing is I have over 1200 songs, and its as though its seeing my whole library as a single, gigantic album. Every single song that is track number one in its respective album appears first in the song list, followed by every single song that is track number two in its respective album, etc. For example:

    01 First song of muse's absolution album
    01 First song of muse's uprising album
    01 First song of Nirvana's unplugged album
    02 Second song of muse's absolution album
    02 Second song of muse's uprising album
    02 Second song of Nirvana's unplugged album

    and so on, of course, because I have a big library, the above example occurs in a much much larger scale, where there are several track 01's. several track 02's, etc.

    This is completely weird, and I have never in my life encountered such a problem. Could it have something to do with the the "Media Sync" USB mode option using an MTP protocol which doesnt recognize whatever metadata tagging system ITUNES is using? (I use ITUNES with ISyncr) Please help! I'm seriously considering returning the phone if I cant figure this out. Being able to fully control my music library through my car's Nav screen was one of the most used features I enjoyed on my previous phone (Evo 3D) :(
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  5. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    Thanks for your post dark,

    we are keeping a log of BT issues in this thread so i have moved your question here.

    ICE CREAM SAMMICH uses MTP protocol and this is most likely why you are experiencing the issues with your "workaround" not working. in your car.

    Also HTC has not thus far implemented the feature to display track and name info on your HU's display. this has nothing to do with BT 4.x as earlier versions of the bluetooth protocol support the listing of track info on a display.

    perhaps rooting and installing a custom ROM may be the way to go to achieve the results you are looking for.
  6. darkleafar

    darkleafar Well-Known Member

    I really dont want to root, but in any case, my question pertains more to USB/MTP connectivity than it does with bluetooth. Isnt there something I can do to my music library (like run it through some sorta MTP tagging program?) to make my car see things like it used to? I freaking love this phone but I freaking hate it too. Damn it!
  7. martomst

    martomst Member

    Pff my bluetooth wont even send and receive files.
  8. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    since ICS changed the way a computer host sees a peripheral (MTP) i think this workaround is now broken. i dont know of a way to do it without rooting. Rooting just gives you more opportunities...

  9. darkleafar

    darkleafar Well-Known Member

  10. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    I am having an issue with bluetooth as well mine cracks every so often and I also have the blue ant t-1 which is capable of text reading and it worked no problems whatsoever on my evo 3d but now with the LTE evo my texts will not be read through the blue ant app, and my phone will pair and connect with my Bluetooth but the blue ant app shows its paired but not connected and it will show that and if I check again a few mins later it shows its connected and paired but that will alternate on/off and iv re downloaded the app three times and it still does the same thing..and I even enabled message reading etc through the Bluetooth settings in the phone! And no such luck :( I bought the blue ant t-1 headset so I could have it read my texts and it worked like a charm on my 3d evo but not on the evo LTE :( :(
  11. darkleafar

    darkleafar Well-Known Member

    Previous BASIC functionality should not be broken on newer devices. How can I really claim I "upgraded" when one of the things I used my phone the most (hooking up to my car's display for music) no longer works? I am desperately upset. :(
  12. JimKnuckles

    JimKnuckles Well-Known Member

    I wanted to comment that your work around has worked fine since the first time I tried it.
  13. J03

    J03 Well-Known Member

    So my EVO still drops my bluetooth headsets constantly during phone calls. I went to Best Buy to ask if I could swap it out in my 30 day period and was informed that they would have to reproduce the problem before they could do so. Anyone have a good idea how to do this short of calling best buy on my phone and having a fake conversation for 10 minutes until it drops off?
  14. NeoteriX

    NeoteriX Well-Known Member

    Your voice mail or NOAA TELEPHONE RECORDINGS
  15. slamjet

    slamjet Well-Known Member

    I've been having a lot of crackling during calls and connections being dropped. I was using a Motorola H730 which worked perfectly with my Samsung Moment. It's a BT 2.1 headset So I decided to try out a different headset with a newer BT version. So I purchased a Motorola HX550. I figured I'd give it a try since it's BT 3.0 and also has A2DP. I've only used it one day but so far, the crackling is gone and it stays connected. We'll see if I'm still impressed after a week or so.

    Just thought I'd share.

    06/20/2012 I've heavily used this headset over the past few days and I can report that it's been a solid performer. The crackling and drop-outs have thus far not been a factor. This leads me to surmise that BT 2.1 or below will have issues (I've tried numerous headsets with these BT versions). BT 3.0 or greater seems to be what this phone likes. But then this quite a small sampling to come to a conclusion.
  16. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Today I lost my voice dialer from BT. Pushed my earpiece button and it just gave me the failure beeps. Rebooted the phone and it's OK now. Will report if it happens again.
  17. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    I have the blue ant t-1 bluetooth headset and it worked wonderful for reading out texts via the Bluetooth headset which is one of the main reasons why i paid $80 for the headset and it worked wonderful on my evo 4g original, and my evo 3d, and now on the evo LTE it will not work? :( :( :( the Bluetooth side does but the text readout through the headset will not :( :(
  18. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    I picked up a motorola S10HD a2dp headset and around the house it works pretty much flawlessly with the phone, phone calls, volume up-down, track forward, back, pause. No cutouts.

    But I went for a short walk with it today while playing music off an SD card with the stock music app, and it was cutting out frequently throughout my walk. Not sure what is up, and since this is the first time I did no testing to try to isolate the issue.

    I guess I'll take another walk and try various things.
  19. dr g

    dr g Well-Known Member

    Ok took another mosey around for troubleshooting and it appears, as others have reported, to be an issue of the phone BT transmitter power. When the phone is in my front pocket, near the bottom, I get unreliable audio streaming when I'm outdoors. If I switch to my rear pocket or hold the phone up higher near my chest area, the audio streams fine (the headphone's electronics are in a pod at the back). My OG evo definitely holds the connection further in side by side tests.

    Is this a characteristic of the hardware or the driver/software controls, perhaps some kind of transmitter power setting?
  20. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    This just started happening within the last 24 hours.

    My bluetooth devices no longer transmit any audio. I can successfully pair and connect my Jawbone bluetooths, but when I make or receive a call, there is no audio whatsoever coming from them. I can hear sounds like my text message ring tones, and when I end a call I can hear the "ker plunk" sound that traditionally comes out if the bluetooth devices. I just cannot get any phone ringing or phone audio to emanate from the things.

    I've tried several different bluetooth devices; I've checked all my settings; I've rebooted my phone, unpaired and repaired the bluetooths, all to no avail. I'm stumped. Everything checks out fine. I just cannot for the life of me get any phone audio.

    Anyone experience anything like this before? BTW, the same problem occurs when my phone is paired and connected to my home cordless phones
  21. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

  22. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    (Emphasis added)

    That's EXACTLY the problem I began experiencing beginning Wednesday night (6-27).
  23. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader Well-Known Member

    Now if only I can figure out why I'm dropping at least 75% of my calls every day. It's terrible. Absolutely terrible.
  24. Will Rickards

    Will Rickards Well-Known Member

    I paired my LTEVO successfully with my 2012 Subaru Impreza. But it wouldn't play the music through the car. And my music would disappear when bluetooth is on. So I use doubletwist to play my music which is all in .ogg format. Normally I can browse it just fine. But when I turned on bluetooth and it paired with the car, doubletwist showed nothing. Tried other players as well on the phone and they played the music but not through the car.
  25. rosemore

    rosemore Member

    Has anyone experience a "static" or "crackle" and occasional "pops" when playing back audio files on the new S3? It is particularly pronounced on BT with either my S9 Stereo headset or in my Lexus ES350. Files are mp3 or AAC. But it is also present in the attached earphones.

    It seems like it may be a codec problem although I can't rule out a hardware or conflicting software issue. It is noticed with Audible, Double-twist, and the resident music players.

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