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  1. TGBlade

    TGBlade Well-Known Member

    Looking to pick up this phone in a couple weeks as a replacement for my optimus v. Are there any good cases out for this phone?

  2. Tastycakess

    Tastycakess Member

    I'm bout to buy a couple of the cheap $5 ones off ebay, hopfully they'll be decent :/
  3. Tastycakess

    Tastycakess Member

    This cheap one does the job:

    The link won't post right but just search ebay for "Protector Snap on Hard Shield Cover Case For Sprint, Virgin Samsung Reverb M950"

    It's kinda nice because the surface isn't that slick so it's a bit easier to hold.
  4. RyanSupertramp

    RyanSupertramp Well-Known Member

    I should probably get a case. I just don't like how bulky they are. The back of this phone is pretty slick though, even WITH the textured backing...
  5. silver20

    silver20 Member

    I got 2 from Amazon and they are actually nice, and were under 2 bucks.

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