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Any good cases?Tips

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  1. Spacester255

    Spacester255 New Member

    Has anyone seen any good cases for this phone?

  2. nikoretochan

    nikoretochan Member

    I got my case on amazon and it was very cheap but there definitely were not a lot of options. Careful when you buy online because people will say its for lg lucid 2 when really its for 1.
  3. ChaunceyK

    ChaunceyK Well-Known Member

    I just got this phone myself, and was wondering the same thing. I definitely don't want one of those super-cheap (in price and craftsmanship) cases that's only for decoration and does nothing significant to protect my phone. But I also don't wanna spend $50 either. I just ordered this one off ebay because it looks reasonably sturdy. Here's the link...

    For LG Lucid 2 VS870 Rugged Arch Kickstand Hybrid Hard Soft Cover Case Accessory | eBay

    ...I'll post a review when it gets here.
  4. ChaunceyK

    ChaunceyK Well-Known Member

    Here's my review:

    The case comes pre-assembled, so I had to take it apart first. (I got the red with black, so look at the pic if you get lost.)

    The outer red piece is thick, flexible, and textured. It feels good in my hand, like it wouldn't just slip from my grip (which was a problem I had with previous hard plastic cases, even the ones that say they are "rubberized"). I didn't give my phone a test-drop, but I just feel so much more confident with this as the outer layer than I did with rubberized plastic cases. I'd liken it to feeling very similar to a bicycle tire.

    Once I took the outer layer off, I saw the inner black layer was a typical hard plastic case, like the artsy ones I see all over eBay that look pretty but offer next to no protection. It took me a minute of trying to press my phone into it before I realized the inner case was actually two pieces snapped together. Unsnapping them & putting the phone into it was...what else? A snap. On the back of this inner case is the kickstand (which I had no real interest in, since I was just looking for something durable.)

    Wrapping the outer red layer on was pretty easy, and I was able to fully seal my phone within it. It is extraordinarily snug, not flimsy or ill-fitted in the slightest. The phone sits in the inner black layer perfectly, and the outer red layer fits perfectly over the inner black layer. What was once a fragile, thin little phone is now my knight wearing a good-sized hunk of dual-layer armor.

    The ports are all perfectly lined up and easy to get to. The screen of the phone is recessed (laying it flat looks almost like a swimming pool, with the red layer being the outer edges of the pool), further protecting the screen in the event I end up dropping it. Using the touch screen is still easy, I just have to use more of a fingertip for the virtual buttons along the bottom rather than the underside of my finger like I was used to.

    The kickstand is a little difficult to snap out, but not terribly so. I don't feel as though it would break with normal use, but I can't say for certain as I won't likely be making use of it.

    I give this case a 5-star rating. For such a reasonably low price, I am amazed at how well fitted & functional it is. And with choice of color, it looks good too.
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  5. ChaunceyK

    ChaunceyK Well-Known Member

    Just a quick update. This case is still holding up as well as it did on Day One. I've dropped it a good number of times and its taken no damage at all. I can't recommend it enough. Oh, and with a little more play, I was able to figure out how to snap out the kickstand & it works fine.
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  6. Phaelin

    Phaelin Member

    The Trident cases are pretty good. I have one in red/black. I never thought I would, but apparently I can drop this phone, so it was nice having it cushion the fall.

    Though the fall was only about two feet.

    Just search amazon for Trident Case AG-LG-VS870-RED AEGIS.
  7. prince214

    prince214 Member

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