Any good RPG games?

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  1. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Have there been any good RPG games made for Android yet that I just can't find on the Market? I'm not talking about the online or MMO ones like Parallel Kingdom or Mafia Wars. More interested in single player ones kinda like the old Final Fantasy's or Final Fantasy Tactics.


  2. Fake Name

    Fake Name Well-Known Member

    None that worth the time... most of them suck horses hind lol
  3. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Well, hopefully with Android getting more popular now an RPG developer will come along. :)
  4. DK1105

    DK1105 New Member

    I play a lot of old RPG's off the snesoid and gensoid emulators. If you want an original game your kinda out of luck but there are some great old rpgs that work great on the go thanks to save states.
  5. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Got all the Final Fantasy's for the GBA using GameBoid. GameBoid is a good one for the HTC Hero since the GBA doesn't have as many buttons that need to be mapped to real buttons.
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  6. MarvinAndroid

    MarvinAndroid Well-Known Member

    Yeah, right now I think SNESoid, NESoid etc are the best way to play consol RPG's. There haven't been any good RGP's released natively on Android as far as I've seen.
  7. Beefy

    Beefy Member

    Pdragon, do you find that you can still play the GBA games fairly well on the Hero without a physical keyboard? I'm a little worried about thatbefore I decide to purchase the emulator.
  8. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    I use the virtual keyboard for the start, select & dpad. Search is the A button and Back is the B button. And I manually mapped Left & Right Shoulder buttons to the volume keys. Turned on its side, it works very well. The trackball doesn't work well at all. If they put some more work into it, the trackball could work very well, though. I've used it in some other games where they programmed better for it and it works great.

    Heavy action or twitch games are kinda hard because the virtualpad is a little quirky. Like I tried R-Type 3 and couldn't get very far.

    However, games like Final Fantasy or ones where very precise movement aren't required work great! Been playing FF1 without any issues. Tried a few of the other ones and they all work the same. It's filled my need for RPG games so it was totally worth the money for me. :)

    If you're really serious about playing a lot of games on Android, you'd probably be better off with a real keyboard. I'm just going to stick with the Hero for now because the Moment doesn't impress me much. Will see what's out next year around this time and probably see about getting one with a real keyboard to play more emulator games.
  9. I've been looking into it. I've developed a fair few rpgs for myself and with other people. I took a look at the android sdk and into java and it blew my mind up. I'm not used to classes and objects with such an ... arrogant code. Web development is more my forte. So I was thinking perhaps just making an RPG that is online based, but designed to fit to a mobile device. In essence, a text rpg with maybe small pictures that needs the internet to work.

    This is my first "smart" phone so I will probably end up doing this just because I am so exited.
  10. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Just curious what makes you say this? Never heard Java described like that.

    Looking forward to seeing what you can do! :)
  11. kutsushita

    kutsushita Well-Known Member

    quit spamming every part of the forum you can.
  12. I went through the tutorials listed in the dev section of to see how the code flows. I've worked with java before, not direct implementation but via design, and I will admit, it is very potent and you can do almost anything, but to get that anything done is so... clumsy. But I am COMPLETELY biased. PHP is simpler because it is linear. So maybe, I've just admitted defeat because its too hard, or, I can't be bothered.

    But then again, making applications that run off the internet means they are cross platform.

    I started making an RPG. But I am currently caught between how much story and how much running around and doing stuff should there be. Text based rpgs with random encounters have a few issues with story, but I like story.
  13. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Java is quite a jump from php. php is just a scripting language, although quite a powerful one now. If that's all that makes you think the Android SDK is arrogant, it's just a learning curve for a more advanced language you'd have to get over. Not arrogance. :)
  14. I don't know. It has to be very very specific and at times there seems to be either too much or no syntax required depending on a particular function or requirement. In scripting its as simple as if, this, then do that with () and {} and ; to end all. But I guess you are right, it is completely different to PHP. I say it is arrogant, because it only wants to work with you, if youre its best friend.
  15. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    It honestly sounds like you just haven't done much object oriented programming and stayed with simple procedural methods (if, then, else). While it's rather easy to whip something out in procedural code, it's a nightmare for long term maintenance, flexibility and extensibility. Java likes to use the MVC architecture for a lot of it's larger projects. Look it up and you'll see that while it's a lot more complicated at first, it makes larger projects much easier to maintain overall.

    And now this thread is completely derailed! :)
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  16. Ill have to go through it with some of my java buddies. They had to go to school to learn it. I guess this is why I never liked object based things.

    It's not derailed. We are discussing an up coming RPG and how useless its programmer is.

    GAMEVIL Well-Known Member

    Check out our game, PATH OF A WARRIOR on the Android Market.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It has a huge standalone play also with a multiplayer version attached to it too.
  18. sdyoyo

    sdyoyo New Member

    I'm hooked on Golden Sun 1 and 2 right now for GBA / Gameboid
  19. VirtualGeek

    VirtualGeek New Member

    Oh man, I LOVED Golden Sun. I'm grabbing this app right now.
  20. spectrrr

    spectrrr Well-Known Member

    Kamyran's Eye is the only one I've found... and it sucks. plenty of potential, but it never made it....

    I REALLY like the idea of using old NES/SNES roms. Besides the obvious FF series, any recommendations for games? I didn't get into em until the PS (FF7) days.
  21. toefer

    toefer Well-Known Member

    Try 4 and 6, both are on SNES.

    You'll have to be careful about IV though, because in the US it was released as Final Fantasy II, but they later released Japan's Final Fantasy II in the US, and called that Final Fantasy II, and properly started calling re-releases of II as Final Fantasy IV (like the DS version). To make sure you're playing the right one, you should start off as a knight named Cecil.

    VI won't cause any issues, since it was VI in Japan and the US, but to be sure, you start off as a character named Terra.

    Edit: Oh, I see you were asking for games OTHER than the FF series. In that case the obvious recommendation is Chrono Trigger, but also give Earthbound a try.
  22. spectrrr

    spectrrr Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :)

    FF series recommendations are great too, VII is the earliest I have played, so I didn't know where to start, only that some of them kicked ass (isn't 6 widely considered to be the best of the series, EVER?)
  23. toefer

    toefer Well-Known Member

    I like VII the most, but I think 6 and 7 are probably considered the two best.

    Oh, and I was wrong about VI. I guess it was originally released in North America as FF III, but you should be able to find it as VI now.
  24. spectrrr

    spectrrr Well-Known Member

    Game itself is great, but the ported interface needs work. Add better touch screen support and I would have loved it. Don't make the user wait for game text to slowly type out and I would have loved it even more! As is, controls are too clumsy. :(
  25. Ashenor

    Ashenor Well-Known Member

    Mine should be here in a few days, any good rpg games for it yet?

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