Any good RPG games?

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  1. spectrrr

    spectrrr Well-Known Member

    pretty much same as before, pick up GameBoid on the market and NesOID and then go download roms for em :)

    only thing I've thrown at GmaeBoid so far that it didnt like was Doom II. It ran, but SLOW. Doom 1 was fine, and the Final Fantasy games have been fine.

    Although I was sad to discover that FF Tactics for the GBA is nothing like tactics for the PS.... GBA tactics is like little kiddie tactics... no seriously, your first battle is a damned SNOWBALL FIGHT!

  2. UnsureSherlock

    UnsureSherlock Well-Known Member

    That's because web development is pretty much development "lite" edition. Saying it's arrogant code in turn makes you arrogant. My suggestion is to hit up a few tutorials on java. It's a little hard to learn at first, but you'll learn to love Java once you get the hang of it (or so they tell me.)

    Personally, I always cling to C++, it's just more sensible to me.
  3. jslearner

    jslearner New Member

    If you were to actually get to the more advanced part of PHP you would find that it can also be used as an object oriented language. In object orientated programming there are a number of conceptual hurdles to learn but the benifit of code reusability should not be under appreciated.
  4. Sagus

    Sagus Member

    RPG addict here just dying to get a good RPG game for android. I'm not a fan of the emulators, or the "path of a warrior" game. Hoping something good will come out soon.
  5. dfd

    dfd New Member

    Hi all, I too got frustrated with the lack of RPGs for android... so I downloaded the Eclipse IDE and Android SDK... 3 months later I am on the verge of Alpha testing. Currently haven't released any screenshots nor preview videos, but should be releasing the game within the next month or two :

    defileDroid website

    That's the website, I have been randomly updating there with both the game features and progress as well as the crazy task of learning how to develop a game as you go (no prior Java programming experience prior to this project).

    If there is something you would like to see in a RPG for the Android OS, visit the blog, shoot me an email and maybe I can work it into the game. Hoping to create the product that I wished was present when I had bought my Android phone.

  6. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Well-Known Member

    Parallel Kingdom is pretty fun. Its on the market place
  7. CyDetrakD

    CyDetrakD Member

    i have the droid and the controls are horrible with this phone. maybe release an update for the droid with a different control scheme and it will be a winner. Does anyone know of any good hack/slash rpgs or dugeon crawlers for the droid?

    GAMEVIL Well-Known Member

    ZENONIA will be coming out next month on Android!
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  9. CyDetrakD

    CyDetrakD Member

    i can't wait thanks for the update wasn't what i was looking for but it looks good for the itouch so i will give it a shot when it comes out. do you know when and how much?
  10. CyDetrakD

    CyDetrakD Member

    any word on customizable controls cause this game (path of warrior) is hard to play on the moto droid i like it but if it had a different control scheme suited for the droid in the options i would buy it in a heartbeat.
  11. xxxliger

    xxxliger New Member

    Tnx for the recs to all )
  12. C-Style

    C-Style New Member

    I am also hoping for a good rpg. I have my old windows mobile phones like Mogul and at*&t 8525, etc and there are several good rpgs to play on those (Arvale 1 and 2 were my absolute fav). With the potential of these operating system, I am positive even better ones can be made. Just gotta catch the right developers interest.
  13. LoveToText

    LoveToText New Member

    Today I was browsing the market and came across a very good RPG game, its called Zenonia it's free and there is also a full version. It's worth it.
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  14. droidberg

    droidberg Well-Known Member

    Zenonia is pretty damn good. Controls leave you wanting, but still a good game. Parallel Kingdoms is a lot of fun, but you should have or make friends to play with, as it's a huge grind. Still a clever use of the tech behind some of these phones.

    Netrunners is great, if you like old school text based RPGing. I'd also highly recommend Choice of the Dragon, such a fun 'Choose Your Own Adventure' type of game.

    All of these are free, with Zenonia having a free demo version and paid for full app.
  15. grainysand

    grainysand Well-Known Member

    I tried Caligo Chaser. Great graphics, polished, but... the controls make me want to cry. Not friendly to touch-only devices at all.
  16. cmbezln

    cmbezln New Member

    zenonia is pretty much the best RPG available on a phone platform right now...the fit and finish on zenonia 2 is insane, hopefully they port that soon
  17. Geese1

    Geese1 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that. This game looked like something I'd really enjoy (hearkens back to my favorite 16 bit era of gaming), but since I'm getting an Incredible I need it to control well using the touchscreen.

    Maybe the developer will release an update to fix the problem?
  18. retinalcircuseditor

    retinalcircuseditor New Member

    I bought the full version of Zenonia and am thrilled with it. Make sure to level up and get some good equipment before entering a dungeon. 1st boss battle was hard, the 2nd is kicking my butt. I'm a level 27 Paladin.

    Good story. Fun world. Engaging characters. Pleasant grinding. Music is a bit annoying. Virtual D-pad also annoying. Can't have everything, right?

    Recommend it!
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  19. hlaalu

    hlaalu Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised there isn't a good multiplayer rpg out yet.
  20. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Well-Known Member

    Well thats an interesting collection of words, thank you.
  21. notkasuo

    notkasuo New Member

    Yeah, I'd imagine a Final Fantasy type game would be good on Android phones.

    Some other RPG series types I'd like to see would be Lufia or Ultima.
  22. bassjason82

    bassjason82 New Member

    I also liked Zenonia, but I only played the free version. Otherwise I'd stick with the old nes/snes rpgs.
  23. finaler

    finaler New Member

    I would also like to see a new RPG for Android. GBA games can only last so long and I already beat the ones I like. I would like something new (With more modern animations for cutscenes and voice acting would be nice too) I think even just one really good one would give the world a push if it became known.

    Also yes, golden sun was a great series
  24. RosevilleWgn

    RosevilleWgn Member

    Have any of you played the oldschool Y's RPG? I had it on a TgrfxCD system. Simply amazing storyline, and the Turbographix (sp?) was only 1/4 the power of these new smartphones. I'd actually pay for a fully ported version for my Incredible.
  25. ub3r-l33ch

    ub3r-l33ch Well-Known Member

    Just a side note, is it just me or do some people seem to get off mentioning what phones they have sometimes? I even saw people saying something like: "I hope this works for my incredible when I get it!" ... lol, really? We all have android phones, pretty moot to mention which one you have. Anyway...

    Are there any good turn based RPGs? Besides ones for the emulators? Zenonia and the other one are cool, but they are action. I need some stuff I can play at while at work on the phone, hehe.
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