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Any Guides yet?General

  1. saltydogtony

    saltydogtony Member

    Seems to me that there is not a whole lot of people useing the L9 out there on this forum. Im upgrading from a Samsung Prevail and i loved that old phone because its like i could do anything to it software wise and it kept on tickin. anway

    1.) Is there any guides tips tricks anyone has found?

    2.) I want to make a backup and start playing around with root, is there a stock image i can get from someone "just incase"

    3.) I want to move some of this bloatware to sd card if i can. and move apps2sd as well. i can not seem to figure it out as well as i could with the prevail.

    4.) .... thanks for reading

  2. steamingbiscui

    steamingbiscui New Member

    I'm rooted as well, went smoothly. Now trying to delete bloatware. Anyone got info on which apps are critical?

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