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  1. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    If the better team didn't win, there wouldn't be a reason for seven games. The better team always wins. Period. I do agree that it was an amazing series. The points ended up 19-20. You can't tell me the better team didn't win.

    To be honest though, I just keep pushing his buttons cause his little rants make me chuckle. It's funny to me. I've given props where props have been due in this series. It pushed my Sharks to the brink. I have a lot more respect for the wings after this series.

    At the end of the day though. The series is over and the Sharks won it. Did they let things get out of hand? I don't think so. It was two teams that were evenly matched BATTLING. Would it have made any difference if it was a seesaw series? Nope, the outcome is the same. Sharks won four games of a seven game series. If that's to much for bramsy to admit, well. It shows his true bandwagon nature.:)

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  2. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    Lab you're calling me a bandwagon fan for cheering for my hometown?

    you cannot be serious about this better team argument. they were evenly matched. a "better team" would have ended the series being up 3-0 to start (kinda like we did to open the playoffs). a better team doesnt have a diving captain. a better team stays away from... well i wont even go there.

    THEY WERE EVENLY MATCHED. two teams going at it and 1 team wins, one doesnt. doesnt mean by any stretch that you're better. you're playing semantics on the outcome of a game that ended by 1 goal. 1 measly goal.

    and again you're proving my point that you are either a hometown guy that barely watches sports and picks up on a team when you see them on ESPN or just incredibly poor at knowing the sport. THE BETTER TEAM DOESNT ALWAYS WIN. its funny that you call yourself a sports fan, let alone hockey of all things. take last years playoffs. Caps v Habs (Capitals versus Canadiens Einstein). Caps were 1 seed Habs 8, and Habs win series. does that make them a better team? NO. things just went their way in a good 4-3 series.

    this isnt ruffling my feathers. just making me smile actually. you have no knowledge of the game other than what you read on the web and no actual insight in your posts. add something useful to talk about! can we do that with a bribe of Nilla Wafers for lunchtime snack tomorrow? more chocolate moomoo if you behave!
  3. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

  4. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    Riiiiiiiiiight, thats why every chance you get you delve into the delusional world where you know my age and level of hockey knowledge right? XD Bad trolls are bad, now back to your bridge yo...oh wait, youre from Detroit. Its probably shut
  5. i have no stake in this arguement being a Northstars(f--ck Dallas) fan. the better team didn't win the Sharks/Red Wings series.
  6. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    LOL. Thats like saying Well, the Giants won the world series and beat the Rangers, but they werent really the better team...ROFL. Get the funk outta here with that ignorance...hahahaha.

    Lemme break it down for you two...

    winner [ˈwɪnə]n1. a person or thing that wins

  7. let me break it down for you.

    the better TEAM doesn't always win. especially in hockey. the hotter GOALIE is the deciding factor. but if you knew anything about hockey, i wouldn't have to tell you that.

    up 3-0 and could close it out until game 7....that's not very good.
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  8. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    So, you're saying that Vancouver didn't deserve to win either then right? Lol
    It takes a TEAM of eighteen players to win a series. Not one player. Welcome to your introduction of the basis for ALL sports.
  9. i said nothing of the sort. but i will say this: Vancouver is a better team than both Detroit and San Jose...and the twins aren't even playing well. yet.
  10. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    But you just said a team that wins after blowing a three game lead is no

    Van and SJ have played the same types of series. Van had a three game lead blown and Chicago forced game seven. Then they beat nash in six. SJ did the same but opposite rounds...and to let's face it here. Teams that are no where near the calibre of the wings or the Sharks.
  11. i said that IS NOT good. i didn't say they were NO good.

    goalie play. remember...G-O-A-L-I-E. hot goalie play can make or break a decent team into a good team. can be said the other way too, bad goalie play can make a good team look decent.

    but as i stated before, if you knew anything about hockey, i wouldn't have to tell you that.
  12. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    But you just said that they are better than Detroit...
    Quit being a hater. Lol that's all is has to do with. Nothing based on anything real. Just butthurt fans of other teams the Sharks are moving on. Like Tech N9ne says..."mini cooper hating on a monster truck."
  13. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    BG, the boy knows little about the sport. his team won so he is foaming at the mouth to actually say he has a winning team in his area. he adds nothing to the conversation except tell tale facts that hes either still in high school or just started college.

    and einstein, chicago coming back against vancouver wasnt all that surprising. they are the defending cup champs who just got embarrassed by Roberto Loungo and Co.

    pressure was on Lou and we (true hockey fans) know that Lou blows it under pressure.

    well he did and Crawford played pretty solid for making his case for #1 and a good payout.

    buuuuuuuut you already knew all of this with you extensive knowledge.

    YEA, you earned you Nilla Wafers!
  14. VegasOnAcid

    VegasOnAcid Well-Known Member

    RIP Boogaard and LOL @ Barnaby...

    Little confused how Chicago was embarrassed by Van tho.. and whoever thinks better team always wins in hockey.. :rolleyes:

    New predictions:

    Boston in 6, looking for a tampa to win tho. Gagne deserves a ring and Yzerman has always been one of my favorite people in hockey.

    Van in 6, looking for a Sharks sweep, despise the Canucks.
  15. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    the first 2 games Vancouver skated all over Chi town. game 3 they started waking up, and we know the rest.

    ok they werent "embarrassed", but getting swept is a matter of pride. it is pretty embarrassing if you cannot manage 1 win... Chi took it to heart and almost climbed that mountain!

    woulda been nice if Kane was a little more consistent and Toews, well he's the man!
  16. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I would say that the healthier team won that series. Health is a factor in the Stanley Cup playoffs because it is so long.

    For the Canucks/Sharks series, the Sharks have the edge in health. Malholtra is gone for the season, Samuelsson is gone until at least later this series if not longer and everyone thinks Henrik is injured.
  17. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    All I read are excuses. lol. Sad, but it is what it is. Hahaha. GO SHARKS!

    I call a six game series, with the Sharks winning. I think the Sharks drop the first two in Van, but after that turn it up and take it. Other than that, Im done with this. Too many haters pissed that their team isnt in the playoffs still :p(SUCK IT). It has nothing to do with anything else. The Detroit vs San Jose series was the best hockey anyones seen in a long time yet some people are stuck so sadly in denial that they cant admit that.

    Like Ive said before, the better team ALWAYS wins a SERIES. The lesser team can always steal a couple games, but FOUR? Get real. lol. Is health a factor? ALWAYS. Depth is what makes a team better. Why? Because it means they can overcome obstacles in their way. MAKING THEM A BETTER TEAM. If the wings had won the series, they would have been the better team. Why? Because they OVERCAME the obstacles in their way.

    San Jose and Detroit matched up WELL. Probably better than any other two teams can or will this year. They both have four lines capable of pouring on the scoring, good face off guys, outstanding penalty killers and power play units. Lets not forget the net minders. Howard and Niemi are both BEASTS. Just be honest with things if youre this "Real super brainiac Hockey fan" like you claim to be.

    JUST LIKE ALL GOOD TEAMS DO the Sharks came out on top and PULLED THROUGH. Just like Vancouver did in round one, yet I hear NOTHING about that...quit drinkin the hateraid.

    If you cant admit this to yourself STILL, youre a pathetic bandwagon fan, just like Ive stated before.

    Finals Predictions? Sharks vs Boston.

    And something I just noticed when I went onto to place my picks for round three, I called Sharks in 6 for round one and Sharks in 7 in round two.

    Oh, one final thing. To dispel your ignorant remarks about me just being a homer, Im also a HUGE Miami Dolphins fan. ;-)
  18. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    thanks for reiterating your garbage high school analysis.
  19. gobluejd

    gobluejd GOBLUE! VIP Member

    Bramsy and McLabia. Let's move on. :rolleyes:

    Its seems this is getting out of hand and I want to stop before someone says something they shouldn't.

    Bramsy - Red Wings Lost. Lockers are cleaned out. Let's concentrate on who comes back, start fresh and move on.

    McLabia - Concentrate on Vancouver and let the wound heal for others.

    We all have different opinions and have expressed them. Let's just all agree to move on.

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  20. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    i'm past it. i love arm chair analysis (or high chair). bro, ESPN is not a good source for information!

    good luck with couver...

    anybody else want Lids back for 1 more? and NOOOOOOO hometown discount unless he asks for it!
  21. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    Now Higgins left practice early. Things not sounding good healthwise for the Canucks.
  22. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    looks as if Lou might have to step up big for once. this might resurrect his good name!
  23. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I'm concerned a little about Luongo's play. He seems to be flopping around too much for my liking. I know you sometimes need to dive to make the save, but he seems to be diving more than necessary like he's panicking too much.

    I'm pretty confident of the Canucks's defence. They're pretty solid and deep. At one point in the season, they were very banged up with Bieksa, Hamius, Edler, Ballard, Alberts and Sweatt injured. They were able to keep winning. Now let's see if they can overcome the injuries of the forwards against a very good San Jose team.
  24. McLabia

    McLabia Well-Known Member

    Lou doesnt worry me, your D does however. Lou reminds me a lot of Nabby. Amazing at times, and just having you say wtf at other times. If we lose the series itll be because of your guys' D.
  25. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    ^ great obvious statement.

    perhaps you should worry about the invisible heatley or marleau or wellwood's big mouth. the nucks are banged up, but the better team ALWAYS wins so injuries dont matter. kesler is your biggest worry. the guy has been amazing so far! no matter if the sharks win or lose, just make sure heatley doesnt drive them home.

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