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Any idea why I now have 7 home screens?

  1. Cassman

    Cassman Member

    I always only had 5. Was/Am I missing something?

  2. killadanny

    killadanny Well-Known Member

    DInc? HTC Sense? Nah, we've always had 7 home screens. EPIC!
  3. Cassman

    Cassman Member

    Sorry I am an idiot. I didn't save my custom screen and had to rebuild it but didn't remember 7 screens. I really thought we had 5. Doh. :eek:
  4. regnak

    regnak Member

    Errrr, I've always had 7 and I'm pretty sure all Sense equipped phones have 7. Did you immediately install an aftermarket launcher when you got the phone and just recently uninstall it?
  5. Cassman

    Cassman Member

    Nope. Must have just had a brain cramp. I think it was wishful thinking with all the talk about updates and froyo.
  6. killadanny

    killadanny Well-Known Member

    How long have you had your DInc? Well, no worries, now you know you have 7, its like a bonus.

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