Any ideas as to rooting this thing?

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  1. The wife got an Alltel Merge yesterday (two days before release; sh*t is so cash). I've tried z4root and VISIONary, with limited success (i.e. temproot only). I know the Desire Z is a very similar phone. Is there any chance that the root methods for the DZ would work on the Merge? Without custom recovery or at least some kind of safety net, we're very hesitant to be the first to try :p

  2. discostrings

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    I've done some reading, and I think the psneuter/gfree method has a reasonable chance of working and should be relatively safe to try. See my post over at XDA for the suggested procedure and (hopefully soon) results. Doesn't look like anyone's tried it yet, though.
  3. Colbyy

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    Anything happen with this yet?
  4. scotty85

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    um,look a thread down? :confused:

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