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Any info on ICS update?General

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  1. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    I've pretty well decided on this as my new phone, replacing an unlocked HTC Desire, but having been burned by vendor commitments in the past, I really don't want to pull the trigger until I hear that the ICS OTA update is actually available. I don't care if my phone has ICS out-of-the-box, but want to know that I can apply the update whenever I'm ready.

    I've heard that Samsung has committed to releasing this update, but between them and AT&T there's a good possibility for delays and all that. Anyone heard anything from AT&T on this (fat chance, I suppose!)?

  2. Midiman

    Midiman Well-Known Member

    Then buy something else. The OTA update is not currently available. Everyone is just playing guessing games as to when and if. Or sit around for 3 to 6 months and wait. What feature is ICS going to add to your phone you can't live without? I can't WAIT to see my battery life cut in half by all the millions of new "things" that have everyone wetting their pants. I haven't actually heard of ONE yet... maybe I'll get a new battery indicator. That would be AWESOME!!
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    The is update came out 3 weeks ago! we have been trying to keep it a secret though so this post will ne deleted in 5 minutes

    Honestly though after watching multiple false promises of updates (on all carriers AND brands)
    If you want it wait and buy a phone that has it put of the box
  4. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies. The reason I need it is that I'm an Android app developer and want to keep my old phone to verify V2.x compatibility and a newer one for testing V4.x features. To an app developer, there is a definite difference!

    The Galaxy Nexus would make sense, but since this will also be my personal phone, there are some reasons why I don't want to go that way.

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