Any Issues with Winamp or music players stopping?Support

  1. grnidkjun

    grnidkjun Member

    I have the X2 and yesterday was the first time I've run into the music players stopping in the middle of my play lists or even a song.
    It just stops and I do Not have the music player in my auto end list.

    I'm wondering if the D3 is having this issue.

    Is it something gingerbread corrects that it might be worth hanging onto my x2 for or should I try to exchange for the d3 because d3 is not doing this at all.

    Today is my last day on the 14 day period and this is the only issue I've had.
    I've been able to side load PDANet no issue.
    Music doesn't pop, it's just stopping.
    Only one or two random reboots I think were caused by an update.



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