Any issues yet with 4.0.4 on Nexus?Support

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  1. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    I got the update notification yesterday for the 4.0.4 update, but I haven

  2. kylecummins

    kylecummins Well-Known Member

    Everything's working great here, smooth.

    Slightly improved battery life, and better speaker sound.
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  3. martinp

    martinp Member

    Nothing particularly startling so far, but the font sizing/packing seems to be slightly different.

    For instance the lock-screen text all seems substantially larger, the default mail app seems to be a bit less pretty (the spacing between lines seems a bit off)...but these are really minor gripes.

    But the apps i've tried all seem fine, so no reason not to go with the upgrade that i can see.
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  4. mgb

    mgb Member

    When you say the better speaker sound, are you referring to the ear piece or the external speaker?
  5. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    thanks for the replies. Hopefully a few more comments. The detail about hings like fonts is all good stuff to hear about.
    I'm very much a wait a bit and see type, this is sent via firefox 8 :)
  6. kylecummins

    kylecummins Well-Known Member

    Both, better reception too it seems.
  7. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    Installed it last night.
    I have one gripe so far. In vbulletin control panel now, when I long press a field box to get the copy text option up, now it pops ANOTHER box up which I have to repeat the long press in again to finally get the clipboard options up. Tedious.
    I haven't tried it in other places yet, but it's deffo a new feature I could do without.
  8. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    Well I'm sure battery life is worse now.
    Charged it before bed, and left on standby with all apps closed, no sync on, good signal, and 11 hours later without being touched down to 54%, 64% of that Android OS.
    And I did a restart yesterday because Barry was vanishing.

    So far 4.0.4 is a big fail to me. I don't suppose you can roll back, and if you can stop the update notification annoying you 24/7?
  9. stevehy

    stevehy Well-Known Member

    There is definitely something wrong with your phone or install. Android OS has gone down to 10-14%, which is one of the features of 4.0.4. I would check to see what is causing this very high usage. BTW, battery life has improved slightly, from 12-13 hours on moderately high usage to 14-16 hours over the last 5 days.
  10. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    Ok, so today I am 12.5 hours into my charge and at 84%.
    Today I have spent about 4 hours in weak to no signal area, sent a few texts,a couple decent length phone calls, spent time on google earth, google maps, c: geo, and some browsing.
    My Android OS Barry use is 2%!.
    So what gives for my previous poor overnight standby drain, and is there some processmonitor I can run to see what on earth is occurring?
    On an un rooted nexus.
  11. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    8 hours later on standby I'm down to 75%
    I could definitely use some utility to check drain.
  12. nenadkc

    nenadkc Member

    404 is a bit faster, smoother. Didnt notice signal boost...same. My call dropped couple of times but not sure if that because 404 or many widgets i have active. All in all.....404 is a improvement over 402.
  13. Matt08642

    Matt08642 New Member

    That doesn't sound right at all. After 10 hours on standby I only drain to about 95% (on 4.0.2, which I am told has much worse battery life than 4.0.4)
  14. Copacetic

    Copacetic Well-Known Member

    Tenchy, did you get an official OTA pushed upgrade? Are you on Verizon?
  15. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    My second quoted post was a follow up to the first quoted, so I was down to 75% after 20hours, including the usage I mention in the first quoted.
    Very acceptable IMO, but completely different to the day before in post#8, what I am hoping to discover is why the big difference...

    Not sure what Verizon is. I am on offical rolled out OTA update that arrived as a notification. I am on 3 network in UK.
  16. Vance

    Vance Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that the 4.04 was coming OTA yet, I thought that it was later this month or even in May. Are you guys using custom roms? Other than Tenchy who is in the UK, which may be different.
  17. charliecc

    charliecc Well-Known Member

  18. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

  19. mkr777

    mkr777 New Member

    I just got my Nexus (moved from the iPhone scene), and find it's superior to the iPhone in many ways except for battery life, smoothness and premium feel (but this is just my opinion). I was on 4.0.2 and the battery easily drained in half a work day if I used my phone continuously (could last a full day with the iPhone, same usage).

    4.0.4 fixed the battery issue for the most part. Now its battery life is more like i'd expect it to be -- not as good as the iPhone, considering it's more powerful and has a much larger screen, but acceptable.

    As for smoothness, I didn't notice a big difference. It still doesn't have that 1:1 touch sensitivity like the iPhone, and there seems to be some "frame skipping" when you scroll, but that's just me nitpicking.

    The rotate screen (landscape/portrait) time seems to be shorter, but I wouldn't have noticed it if it wasn't mentioned that it would be "smoother" in 4.0.4. I'd still prefer it to be faster.

    I also haven't had any issues with reception like many people are saying.

    Overall, I'm glad I updated to 4.0.4.
  20. charliecc

    charliecc Well-Known Member

  21. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

  22. octavio95

    octavio95 New Member

    I installed 4.04 on my Nexus S, the only thing that I found annoying is that the ringing volume and the notification volume are the same. In my case I use notifications a lot because I receive emails so if I have a low volume for notifications the ringing tone is also low and I miss calls. Any idea on how to fix it?
  23. tenchy

    tenchy Well-Known Member

    One option would be to use an mp3 for the notifications that you have reduced the volume of with something like Audacity
  24. androidMatt27

    androidMatt27 Member

    The members in the UK can I ask how you got the update...was it OTA??? My GNEX is unlocked to all networks, i'm using it on orange. Still no update, currently on 4.0.2 Really hard to find any definitive information regarding updates from either Samsung or Google.

    ALIHISGREAT Well-Known Member

    I didn't bother waiting for OTA and flashed a slightly tweaked 4.0.4 ROM

    But OTA updates depend on which version of the Nexus you have.

    Some are not 'true' nexus phones because they aren't controlled by google -> they are samsung controlled.

    So you'll get the OTA update later if you haven't got one of the google controlled versions.

    There is a way to change the version though -> look over on XDA forums for that.

    Is the Galaxy Nexus Still a “Nexus?” | xda-developers this explains the problem.

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