any know how to disable to Voice Command?Support

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  1. totalpet

    totalpet New Member

    any know how to disable to Voice Command?

    as i using the headset and alway accidently hit the speaker button and that will turn on the Voice Command

  2. mrpea

    mrpea Member

    in marketplace remove uninstall voice search, by google

    that will remove it compleatly..
  3. totalpet

    totalpet New Member

    unable to uninstall as Voice command is a pre-install oem program in my asia set.
  4. mrpea

    mrpea Member

    try this
    Settings > Applications > manage applications **
    Hit the menu key select Filter, Select all
    > Scroll down to voice search, and force stop.

    not sure if that will work or not...

    nup dun work...
    try rooting the phone and uninstalling..
  5. totalpet

    totalpet New Member

    not able to force stop it too..
    don wish to root it for now.
    for now, i just use normal earphone instead of earphone with mic. :D
  6. Sefriel

    Sefriel Member

    I agree. I ride a motorbike, and often it gets caught on my jacket when shoulder-checking (safety first, kids!) and then I have an endless loop of

    "Say a command."
    "Command not recognised."
    "Say a command."
    "Command not recognised."
    "Try again?"
    "Try again?"
    "Try again?!?!?"

    Not fun. There must be some way to disable this, especially as I also have a Desire and use the headphones for that - three buttons increases the chances to start the godawful loop...

    Any ideas?
  7. Lex87

    Lex87 Member

    This issue pissed me off endlessly, so i rooted using z4root and used titanium pro to freeze the voice dialer and voice commands.

    I havent come across a solution without doing that.
  8. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Member

    I had uninstalled voice commands as there is no other way to disable it. I used Titanium Backup to freeze it but it continued to run in background and used 30+ mb memory.
  9. ciprigeorgiu

    ciprigeorgiu New Member

    how can you uninstall voice dialer? i have a rootted phone
  10. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Member

    You can use systemapp remover to backup and then uninstall vsuit.apk. Note that once uninstalled there will be endless force close until the phone is rebooted.

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