Any luck - carrier unlocking MB511 Motorola Flipout ??Support

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  1. sweli

    sweli Member

    Has anyone carrier unlocked a flipout with sucess??
    One that was on ATT?

    I tried UnlockatHome and they have replied so far that they cannot find a code based on my IMEI. They state they are contacting another code provider?

    Contacted 'Solutions Point Limited' who make the Rebel II SIM card overlay. They have specific flash firmware for Motorolas running Android.
    Their first response is that the Rebell II will not unlock a Flipout, but they have unlock codes based on IMEI.

    I am wondering if a SIM unlock overlay will even fit in the SIM slot on this?

    Any help or leads are appreciated!

  2. sweli

    sweli Member

    Solutions Point Limited' who make the Rebel II SIM card overlay replied and said their card and firmware as it stands for Motorola, is a little unstable with 3G on the Flipout.
    He said it would prob work OK for Voice/Wifi/2G. They may work on a solution for this phone in the future.

    I might start with a Sim overlay from them and get their USB flasher for possible updates.
  3. jerster77

    jerster77 New Member

    I was able to gat a flipout fully unlocked by going to They were the only service that could do it. It cost about 25.00 but it was worth it. My wife now uses it on tmobile.

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