Any MHTML (.mht file) support in Android OS

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  1. hatman

    hatman Member

    In Opera browser or Internet Explorer I can save a whole web page (all the images, text, javascript) into one zip-like file called a MHTML. On Windows it has the .mht file extension and even if my internet is tuned off I can wonderfully view that saved MHTML in the browser with full content as if I was viewing it with my connection on.



    Does Android OS support this format natively/out the box?

    I wish to get a HTC Desire and hope that .mht files are supported.

  2. gmanvbva

    gmanvbva Active Member

  3. Nearly

    Nearly Active Member

    Do you not have internet access all the time? GPRS with Opera Mini still loads quite fast and you'll probably be able to revisit the bookmark in a couple of seconds because of the compression technology they created.

    MHTML files are supported (with HTC SENSE) I tested this and it works, all you need to do is download a file manager and browse to the mhtml file and click it; and open it with the HTML viewer and it should load without problems. :)
  4. gmanvbva

    gmanvbva Active Member

    For me it's trying to read email reports from servers and corporate A/V that is delivered in mht format.
  5. hatman

    hatman Member

    hehe Lol. This input of yours doesn't help. I have MHT files saved from websites that were around in 2005/2006. Websites that are not around anymore, hence the MHTML being known as an "archive format". I am still refereing to MHT files (web pages) saved from Opera, IE or Firefox with UnMHT and not emailing MHT format.

    Support for MHT should be easy with some budding Androuid app developer. If Android can do PDF then it can do MHT. No doubt.
  6. Geck0

    Geck0 Member

    I've been looking everywhere for something like this. Having multiple .htm files and the folders to go with it is annoying. My ipod touch can view .webarchive files from a safari page save, so whats stopping android?
  7. hatman

    hatman Member

  8. Dr.Strangelove

    Dr.Strangelove New Member

    I have (finally) found a way to open .mht files

    I got the idea from this post on and the recent release of Opera Mobile for Android (and it's Save As (might even be mht) option).

    You need Opera Mobile. After you get it just access the file through the address bar.

    For example:

    Now that we have a browser that can actually open .mht files properly (Dolphin HD could open them but it did not display correctly) the question is how to make this to be a default action when selecting the file from your explorer of choice. (Typing it in the address bar each time is not a practical choice... although we coould probably make bookmarks for the opened .mht)

    I have tried figuring out how to do on Android the equivalent of "file association" on Windows (or Linux). It seems it's not as straightforward as I'd hoped it would be. The only thing I've found related to it so far is the "Edit File Extensions" submenu in Astro File Manager's preferences. This looks like the thing that might (help) do the trick.
    For all I know it might even be impossible if you don't have root access to your device.

    If anyone knows more on the subject of Android's "file associations" or maybe happens to have a link to a good tutorial or forum discussion on this... please respond. I know this is not the topic of this thread but it is related.

    P.S. As a possesor of already quite a large .mht collection (I use it to store random articles in a self contained format for later perusal) I would also like to see this problem solved.

    P.P.S. I don't understand why Opera Mobile hasn't included an "Open" feature as it seems it renders .mht quite correctly.

    have a good one...
  9. Jethro10

    Jethro10 Well-Known Member

    It was a proposed standard (by MS I believe) that never got ratified into a proper standard hence can be seen as being proprietary I guess.

    so you have locked yourself into something that never really took of it seems!

    I've only ever seen it in MS IE browsers, as a saving format.

  10. Dr.Strangelove

    Dr.Strangelove New Member

    yes. that seems to be the case. I'm not sure why opera adopted it but it really is quite convenient. the ability to save a page in a single self-contained format has proved to be quite useful. I'm all for smacking M$ but nobody did anything on that front so... .mht it was.

    I was extatic that I might finally be able to read all those saved pages (articles) on my new gadget (many of them are just useful tidbits found on the net on various subjects and I really looked forward to being able to read them somewhere outside while having my coffee or tee).

    until opera mobile nothing seemed to work right. now that it finally does work... I can't find out how... or if it's even possible to do to Android the equivalent of your "windows file associations."

    and all for the sake of reading my little articles in a nice environment... away from my gloomy room and desktop computer.

    happy Saturnalia to everyone :)
  11. jjsaunt

    jjsaunt Member

    Thanks you much for this thread. It has irritated me since I first got my phone last month that I couldn't look at all of my files. I have installed Opera and using your advice found my directories and bookmarked them. I can read my internet files again YAH!

    Yes it is still irritating that you can't directly open the files - but I can't open my rtf files either that way. I must go to "Cool Reader" and open them. Why can I open docs & pdf documents but not the others....
  12. popovski

    popovski Member

    There is a simpler way: use X-plore (free or paid version) as your file manager, navigate to the .mht file saved on your Android, long-press, select "Open by system", and select "Opera mobile".
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  13. sswiftstrike

    sswiftstrike New Member

    I've tried both methods - Opera and X-plore - and neither worked. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  14. 12NSpyer

    12NSpyer New Member

    I copy my MHT files to internal storage\Opera\Cache and then MHTViewer lists them in its library. Works Beautifully.
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  15. gmanvbva

    gmanvbva Active Member

    Opera used to work but an update broke it. I think 11.10 was the last version that worked for me.
    MHTViewer works perfectly, however. Good find.
  16. ATfavoredson

    ATfavoredson New Member

    I use Opera Mobile since way back and have been saving webpages here and there that go way back. I save the webpages using "Saved Pages" feature and then it gets saved in "Saved Pages" up there on the left drop down menu. By the way, I use OMlabs 12.00 BUILD. Well, I somehow deleted all of my "Saved Pages" entries during syncing between OMLabs 12.00 BUILD and Opera Mobile 12 using Opera Link. But I can see that the files are still there where they should be when I checked the File Manager (My Opera Link account has expunged the "Saved Pages" as well). What a relief to see hundreds and hundreds of .mhtml files. They are all just numbered files but i can view them when I open them there.

    Well, how do I put them back in my "Saved Pages" again ? If this is not possible then is there a viewer that can show multiple files at once like an image viewer app but for mhtml ? I can't imagine myself opening one file at a time looking for the one I need.

    Opera Link is so scatter-scatter with it's syncing you can end up overwriting burgeoning bookmarks, and speed dials with "blank" . How can Opera even allow something like this to happen ? Of course I did not mean for this to happen and of course I can only blame myself for what happened. But I must surmise that INADVERTENCE is somehow not in the logic of Opera here. We see apps respond well and correctly to illogical actions with warnings and double confirmations that will make the user think twice that something is wrong and abort the action to avoid such a mistake. Opera must not only address this issue but what this issue represents. How can Opera stand up and not only keep abreast of the competition, but keep ahead of it if it has more of this type of illogical user interface that now makes the user feel like tiptoeing ever so slowly to avoid landmines ? And still step on one !

    Best regards, and sorry for the last part of my message.


    "I'll-never-use-Opera-Link-ever-again!" Opera user

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