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Any Mp3 player can show lyrics?

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  1. absolute-air

    absolute-air New Member

    Hi guys,

    I am just newbie and start touching my HTC hero now.

    With a Android, is there any music player that can show a lyric from the mp3?
    Like in Iphone or touch, they can embed the lyrics into the song and view while you playing.

    I have tried the software called tune wiki, but that actually retrieve a data from tunewiki server and that is now what I am looking at.

    Please tell me if you guys know any apps on this.


  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Hi their absolute-air & Welcome to AF forums! :D

    I currently do not know of any app with this function on Android but If their was I suppose you would need "special" MP3's to go with them. Ones with the Lyrics embedded.

    Hope isn't over though , Theirs been news recently of Google Releasing their own type of Music service soon and if true , It's quite possible this feature could be present. :)

    Looks like time will tell

    Carl C ;)
  3. absolute-air

    absolute-air New Member

    Thanks for the reply Carl!

    I see. Well Google will definitely create some amazing apps.

    I'll wait for this.
  4. dawgwood

    dawgwood New Member

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  5. mp0510

    mp0510 New Member

    Tunewiki downloads the lyrics correct? AAC/M4A songs (iTunes) can easily have the lyrics embedded in them. Almost every song I own has art and Lyrics embedded already. (I think MP3s can also do this, its in the Metatag stuff.)

    Is there a player that can read the lyrics already embedded?
  6. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    id3, of any version, does not support lyrics.

    fyi: id3 v2.2 supports artwork directly in the metadata

    You can display lyrics in Meridian by attaching a .txt file named the song file name, that contains the lyrics.

    On the iphone, you're just seeing some nice coding when you look at the lyrics.
  7. saltyharmony

    saltyharmony New Member

    Chroma is wrong - ID3v2 tags for MP3s have a frame labelled "USLT" for storing lyrics. This stands for "unsynchronized lyric transcript". There's another frame for storing "synchronized" lyrics, which also has information about the time each lyric appears, so lyrics can scroll down karaoke-style as the song plays. iTunes stores lyrics in the USLT frame.

    I'm about to get an Android phone, and I'll also be looking for a music app that displays lyrics from the tags. Maybe I'll get into development if I can't find one...
  8. Chroma

    Chroma Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, indeed v2 does, i neglected to type that into my fyi. Tell you what if you find a player that supports v2, necro this thread immediately cause I want it too. If you make one, please support back/next swipe screen gestures:D:D
  9. johnnarikr

    johnnarikr New Member

    I am also interested in a player that shows the iTunes lyrics (which has been referred to as USLT here) as I have religiously added text to the Lyrics tab in iTunes for years.
    If someone knows any, please let me know.
  10. morrowd3

    morrowd3 New Member

    Astro player displays embedded lyrics. You may have to play around with the skins to find one with lyrics.
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  11. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Well-Known Member

    Not sure whether its internal lyrics, or whether it accesses TuneWiki, but the Motorola Defy music player supports lyrics display (you can get an apk for that music player at XDA developers).
  12. saltyharmony

    saltyharmony New Member

    Thanks for the rec, morrowd3, Astro Player does the job.
  13. Flashtime

    Flashtime New Member

    Ayal Music Lite will download, play and show lyrics.
  14. piscuic

    piscuic New Member

    astro player is ok for not synchronized lyrics, ayal lite works ok but i don't like it, it's not good for the rest, it doesn't scrobble with lastfm.
    don't you know maybe any othere applications about synchronized lyrics already saved in the songs?
    i'm used to use minilyrics on the pc but unfortunately there isn't a version for android... :/
  15. cust0mercare

    cust0mercare New Member

  16. cust0mercare

    cust0mercare New Member

  17. slacka

    slacka Member

  18. slacka

    slacka Member

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