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Any New App Ideas?

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  1. amerninja13

    amerninja13 New Member

    Anyone have any new app ideas? I'm a developer.


  2. whoami

    whoami New Member

    I do have an idea. An app that like an alarm notice when someone picks up the phone, but instead of an alarm it secretly taking photos with the front camera of my X10.
    So you can see if and who is lurking around. Maybe log what they do on the phone to?

    If you do this please let me know :)
  3. BuzzBoxSDK

    BuzzBoxSDK New Member


    We launched a Notifications SDK, so you can create notifications in apps easier. I think redoing many apps where the focus is notifications would be cool. Think alert based apps of popular items right now. News should all be based on notifications, reference apps should push me updates, shopping apps focussed on letting me know when I should buy, etc. There is an opportunity to make more engaging. Ping me, I have more ideas


    BLIND-AS-A-BAT New Member

    there should be an app like xbox live avatar but for android, like it could show your androidify avatar but its interactive an could show openfeint achievements or sumthing. tht would be cool
  5. ari-free

    ari-free Well-Known Member

    Android needs a good mobile 'Outlook.' Not everyone uses Exchange (otherwise there's Touchdown) and we don't want everything to go through google services

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