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Any news on the next Sprint Android phone?

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  1. gthrift

    gthrift Well-Known Member

    I know Sprint just launched the Hero and the Moment but I'm not really interested in either phone. The Hero from what I've seen and tested in store and have read seems to be too sluggish. The Moment doesn't looks good or sleek in anyway and has fairly poor reviews.

    So what's next for Sprint? They need something that can match the internal hardware of the Droid/Pre/iPhone, look good doing it, and beat all of them with Sprint's awesome prices.

  2. Gremlyn1

    Gremlyn1 Well-Known Member

    I don't think I'd describe the reviews as 'fairly poor'. Engadget may have bashed it a littile, but the more in depth reviews are mostly positive. Sure it's not the perfect phone, but what is? Once it gets 2.0, I think it'll be a contender.
  3. T Mac

    T Mac Well-Known Member

    The hero may be a contender, but IMO its only ever going to be anything but a mid level smartphone contender. LAME. :p The Moment is not even close to the Hero. Sprint really may have came out with some new phones, but nothing like the blackberry storm 2, iphone, droid phone, omniaII, etc... that other carriers have. Not until Sprint gets something like the HD2, ericsson x3, etc... will they have anything to contend with the upper class of smartphones.
  4. Gremlyn1

    Gremlyn1 Well-Known Member

    How do you figure that the Hero is so much better than the Moment? It's an interesting statement to make, but you don't really support it. If your entire argument is Sense UI, you can keep it, but I'm interested to hear what else you have to say.
  5. T Mac

    T Mac Well-Known Member

    No sense UI, so the standard OS is pretty bland looking and functioning, the screen has no multitouch, the phone is bigger and bulkier (only for the hardware keyboard). As I stated, this was IMO. The Moment does not appeal to me, and the Hero barely does. Neither enough to give up my cheap made Palm Pre with WebOS. I'll pass on both of these and wait for something more exciting that combines these faults with something closer to the Sony X3, Droid, iphone, HD2. Sorry, but I have high standards. You've read the spec sheets as well as everyone else. The Hero won't last too much longer with its internals as 2.0 comes out and requires heavier functionality on its under powered build. As weve all been hearing, 2010 brings new technology to all carriers and with it in the "higher" end of the smartphone contenders comes huge specs. ie, 1ghz processors with independent graphics, higher memory, larger screens with brilliant and much higher dpi and res., etc... Im not asking for you to agree, just stating my opinion along with a few facts.
  6. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Well-Known Member

    You DO realize you can change the UI right? In fact, my Moment looks very much like my old Hero. Not bad for not having Sense. Granted, I dont have all the widgets, but I have the ones that are important. 7 home screens. Large flip clock with weather. And plenty of switches.

    Native android does not support multi-touch. The multitouch the Hero has was put in by HTC. Rumors float around about multitouch for 2.0, so we'll see. Its also speculated that Apple asked Google not to add multi-touch to Android when they were all playing nice. That is, before Apple blocked Google Voice.

    Palm Pre? WebOS? Yea cause thats much better. You dont forward many text messages do you? Super small, unattractive phone with a keyboard so small you might as use a stylus to type. Not to mention the WebOS apps store. How many apps are in that now?

    Newer shineys are always around the corner. How many times have you bought something to have something better come out in just a few months? Almost always.
  7. mstarman

    mstarman Active Member

    Please Sprint LeakFairy... tell us about a WiMax phone with 480x854 and a solid CPU to make it all go vrrrooom in Q1-2010!

    Please... Don't let the red tide take us.
  8. Edaze55

    Edaze55 Well-Known Member

    LOL Q1? Let me be the first to bust that bubble.:D
  9. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Well-Known Member

    Yeah as good as that would be I don't see sprint doing that. Maybe Q3... if Wimax is available in more cities.
  10. nothingbutaGthingbaby

    nothingbutaGthingbaby Well-Known Member

    I agree with this statement very much but have found myself trying to decide if I should just wait for the 1 GHz Snapdragon chipset phones to come out along with Andriod 2.0.

    Does anyone know if these things set to occur in the 1st Qrt of 2010? And are they big enough changes to wait for?

    Thanks. Go Google!
  11. ChrisPlague

    ChrisPlague Well-Known Member

    according to reports online expect a slew of android and blackberries coming to sprint in Q1
  12. mstarman

    mstarman Active Member

    Ok, maybe no WiMax but see... a Q1 slew!

    Sprint should tap some Phandroid forum people for focus group / real world beta testing of said Q1 phones.

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