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Any non-stock Music Player work 100% with BlueTooth?Support

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  1. ITemplate

    ITemplate Well-Known Member


    In my car, when I play music with the stock Music player, the car shows what song is currently playing and it is possible to change song from the steering wheel. This is only for the stock player so it seems. I have tried both Rocket Player and WinAmp and neither of these work with the above features...

    Any secret way to really replace the stock player?


  2. ITemplate

    ITemplate Well-Known Member

    Found PowerAmp which works excellent with full BT.
  3. Retterson

    Retterson New Member

    That's funny, RocketPlayer is what I use with my BT car audio. As soon as the deck is powered on, my music plays automatically, which is great for me.
    Glad you like PowerAmp.
  4. mnikola

    mnikola New Member


    I know it's kind of "old" thread, but I'll post my question anyway.

    I have same problem.

    I have car stereo Pioneer DEH-4500BT. Phone device that I'm using is Samsung Galaxy S2 with Omega rom (aokp 4.2.2).

    - I don't have stock player (please, where can I download it, maybe this solves my problem!?), I have Apollo. But I've also tried Rocket Player and PowerAmp like suggested here. Problem is my car still doesn't show what song/artis is playing. It just shows "NO NAME" and "NO TITLE"

    What to do? :)
  5. Romulous

    Romulous Well-Known Member

    This was an issue that was prevalent in older versions of Cyanogenmod, and IIRC was something that was outwith the developers remit.

    I believe it was to do with the Apache owning the software to the Bluetooth API, correct me if i'm wrong.

    The most recent versions of Cyanogen now show Artist/Track info on my SONY MexBT3900 head unit, although stability is an issue ATM.

    Perhaps this is the same issues that you are experiencing with Omegarom.
  6. mnikola

    mnikola New Member

    So is there anyway I can solve this problem on my phone (like reedit some files or something) or I'll just need to wait for Omega ROM developers to fix this?

    Or I'll just have to install Cyanogenmod ...
  7. Romulous

    Romulous Well-Known Member

    I would be inclined to email the devs, or post on XDA if the issue is being looked at.

    I actually flashed back to stock there for a few days, shocker, but quickly moved back to the latest Cyanogen, actually downloading the latest nightly, and although it is working great [again] i have noticed quite a bit of stuttering on playback through my SONY headunit.

    I guess mileage may vary.

    On stock it works flawlessly, but the rom is, well, crap hence why i am always drawn to something else.

    I might give Omega a try though.

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