Any one successful in installing CWM recovery in Micromax A90 ?

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  1. zeebra

    zeebra Member

    Hi Friends

    I have been trying to put a CWM recovery modules on my rooted MM A 90. But not sucessful. Does any one out here sucessfull ? Please share the download link and installation procedure.

    Thanks in Advance.

  2. teja989

    teja989 Active Member

    hii..i will try to port cwm recovery for micromax a90.
    files needed-
    1.recovery.img(i tried one provided by bhardik but its not working)
    will require a custom recovery.fstab, such as those
    containing an /sdcard symlinked to /data/media.

    /sdcard datamedia /dev/null
    # more recovery.fstab entries here
    will require a custom graphics.c, such as those
    which may have non-aosp framebuffer format.

    I dont know where all files are in micromax a90 because i sold out my micromax a90 and about to get a90s.
    but these files are required.try to get max possible files if not all
  3. zeebra

    zeebra Member

    Hi Teja

    Thanks for reply. I am not an andriod programer. Would you please let me how to get /locate the files you listed ? I have ES file explored installed so I can go upto root folder.
  4. teja989

    teja989 Active Member

    Hey i dont know how to extract these files on mediatek chips but BHARDIK is doing good job in extracting.he tried extracting recovery.img but from that file cwm is not compiling.Either the file may be corrupted or it will not be possible to compile cwm.I will try my best once i get these files or even a working recovery.img....
    Try to contact with BHARDIK
  5. teja989

    teja989 Active Member

    Hey all i contacted one of the developers at cyanogenmod and he said that there is no way to make a cwm recovery which can be flashed and used on mtk6575 devices.
    He told that some have ported it but it can only be used using sp flash tool.
    And i only know to make a flashble cwm recovery.dont know anything regarding sp flash tools.

    But even though he said like that i will try to make a cwm recovery which can be flashed using stock recovery.
    Provide me with the files mentioned above..
  6. airjordan

    airjordan Member

    Yeah! Checkout the forum.
  7. bhojo1

    bhojo1 Member

    I have installed cwm on a90s....
    you need to use sp flash tool
  8. zeyaan

    zeyaan Member

    hey u flashed a custom compiled one?

    is it compatible with rom manager?

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