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Any one tell its pcsuit driver problem solved or notSupport

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  1. kaleemansari75

    kaleemansari75 New Member

    Hello every body
    I want to know micromax a60 driver problem solve or not I have problem with connect to pc with driver software. But I can connect with usb flash drive.
    I want run internet from this fone on my pc. so plezzzzzz help me. how can I connect internet on my pc from this.:confused::confused::confused:

  2. jstthandi

    jstthandi New Member

    first u have to activate internet tethering in u r mobile

    go to settings , wirless and networks and check internet tethering

    then connect with pc through usb

    your pc will show u a new lannetwork
    through which u can use internet on your pc
  3. sindhu.nike

    sindhu.nike Member

    do i need to install that usb driver cd or not.am using xp.
  4. yaswanthvarma

    yaswanthvarma New Member

    you mean no need of installling driver

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