Any Other Way to Enable USB Debugging Without Connecting It to Pc?General

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  1. yvesdakempo

    yvesdakempo New Member

    Are there any other way to activate usb debugging without connecting the usb cable to PC??,

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure I'm understanding your question right. Turn debug on in the settings of your phone if your not wanting to use a cable there is a app for debug by Wi-Fi but I have never used it.
  3. yvesdakempo

    yvesdakempo New Member

    thanks for the respond...

    my phone debugging WAS gray when its not connected to PC via USB, but somehow its not gray anymore...i dont really know... LOL
  4. Skyshark

    Skyshark New Member

    Cannot figure out why do you want to turn on USB debugging if you are not connetcted to pc... you only need that if you are connected... IMHO :)
  5. yvesdakempo

    yvesdakempo New Member

    Some apps need USB Debugging to be able to operate...but i found it yesterday...

    this is the way :

    1. Connect phone to pc via usb
    2. use "PC Software" mode
    3. Enable USB Debugging
    4. Unplug the cable without changing mode, and it wont be gray.

  6. Meneer Jansen

    Meneer Jansen Member

    See my post No. 26 in this topic:

    I'm not gonna read the whole topic so this may already be solved. Sorry. But here's my solution:

    1. Go to: "Settings > Connectivity > Default connection mode" and select 'PC software'.

    2. Now you can select 'USB debugging mode' in: "Settings > Applications > Development".

    Good luck. :)

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