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Any (Physical) Problems With Your Evos?

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  1. kuscoot

    kuscoot Active Member

    And, I'm impressed! I commend you all for being patient and for realizing that a case, or a piece of tape, or a little denial, make all of these issues not as glaring. If everything else works and there is no danger from the loose back or "T" falling off, then . . . it might just be okay.

    I belonged to a BB forum for many years and the level of irritability over at that place was intense. A cricked this and a squeaky that. Take the phone apart and put this here, gum will solve this squeak, electrical tape will fix that thing. Didn't seem to bother them that they were exposing fragile phone innards in the process. Oh yes, and the white dots? They are some kind of safety dot thing that tells repair and warranty people if the phone had been opened. On that forum, they even had a plan for foiling the white dot deal. . . oh my.

    I appreciate the patience of this forum as well as the deman for excellence. Some of the phone quality issues are not acceptable and should be fixed or replaced. I appreciate that most folks here can tell the diff.

  2. ericdavison84

    ericdavison84 Member

    Yeah the H fell of my back cover, i was showing off to my apple fanboy friend, and he was like wtf your h is missing, so freaking embarassed,lol
  3. ericdavison84

    ericdavison84 Member

    OH and im new here!!!!!!!! Hello everyone. also i am a noob,lol in every "sense" of the word,lol
  4. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    welcome eric...
  5. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Well-Known Member

    I have a slightly cracked screen on right side of phone (barely visable) - I challenged my buddy with an iPhone4 to a phone drop test from 4-5 ft. in the air onto concrete and see whose faired better. I didn't notice the damage for a few days. His screen cracked completely (don't worry, he repairs phones). I laughed. He whined.
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  6. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    LOL.. LMAO... that is priceless!!!!!

    OH.. you should have video that!!! you would get so many hits on youtube.

    now.. go challenge and epic owner.. I double dog dare you!
  7. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Well-Known Member

    Haven't came across any Epic owners. Although, my buddy only carries his iPhone4 in an Otterbox now.. :)

    That is a true, 100% verifiable story.
  8. SharpShooter3

    SharpShooter3 Member

    my power button is lose so is volume and dust in screen but none are really a problem
  9. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Nothing yet... I hope nothing ever happen.
  10. bamaster

    bamaster Well-Known Member

    Search for "B-Spot" on here. It's a hot spot that is usually found on the letter B on the standard keyboard.

    I am currently on my third screen (replaced twice) due to this. I have the $7/month hardware protection plan so it was replaced for free both times. Just a fyi... part of the replaced screen is the whole front piece, including the volume rocker and power button... the whole glossy part... so if you have scratches those get replaced, too. :D
  11. meyerweb

    meyerweb Well-Known Member

    I have the tiny little crack next to the power button that lots of people seem to have. Other than that it's been perfect.
  12. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Well-Known Member

    WTF I can't seem to get one of these replaced, as local stores keep claiming they are on Back Order.
  13. GiftedPlacebo

    GiftedPlacebo Well-Known Member

    My wife dropped her EVO on our garage floor and shattered her screen... easy replacement thanks to warranty.

    Mine has the b-spot problem, I'm on my second speaker, I've had the lens on the camera replaced (got a crack right down the middle), and I've got a bunch of dust in the top left corner. Sprint store wouldn't clean the dust for free, so I'm going to make them replace the screen for the b-spot issue.
  14. tracii_amazinggg

    tracii_amazinggg Well-Known Member

    Have had my Evo for months now, only broke the screen once.

    It fell out of my lap getting out of the car and onto to concrete. It hit right on the corner of the phone and cracked. Then later the same night it fell out of my hoodie pocket as I was going up the stairs to my apt. It actually fell through the stairs and down to the bottom floor and the screen SHATTERED. I thought I was gonna cry :p

    Got it fixed for free. Now my only problem is charging. I have to position the phone just right for it to charge, but actually I think it's the cord that's messed up, not the phone.
  15. natevthoops7

    natevthoops7 New Member

    I have a white evo ...out of the box looking at the back ..the top left corner of my case doesnt sit all they way down..it isnt flush with the line of the phone..anyone know whats up
  16. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    I had light leakage. Took it in, they said they'd replace the screen, came back, they lied and told me the new screen had light leakage too, so they were giving me a new phone. What actually happened was the tech damaged the chassis AND broke the search button light, and was covering his ass saying there was still leakage after the replacement. So after lying to me, they give me a refurb, that has WORSE light leakage. I go back in and demand a new phone, they tell me they can see the light leakage, but its not bad enough to change for another phone. I tell them give me my old phone then since the leakage wasn't as bad and I won't have to re-download everything. This is when I discovered they actually HAD fixed the leakage, but damaged it in other ways.

    So now I get to take my phone with a broken search button to a different sprint store..

    In the 2 months I've had my evo on sprint, I've averaged more time on the phone and in store with customer support per WEEK than I spent total during 3 years on tmobile.

    Spending your only day off in a sprint store takes a lot of fight out of you, especially when your left with a broken phone still at the end of the day. I know I'm not the only person that can't seem to fix such a simple problem with just an hour trip to the sprint store.

    Oh, and anyone who says sprint customer support is any better than the crap they've always been, is letting the sugar coated greeting, and demands to give them "very good" on surveys cloud what's really going on. FIVE people in customer support I talked to all acted like they had never heard of glass separation or light leakage on the EVO. One said she was gonna transfer me to tech to "enter some codes" and "do some updates." I was like, do one of these codes magically put my phone back together? I also had 2 people accuse me of doing physical damage(over the phone by the way) to the refurb in the 10 minutes I had it, because that's the ONLY reason a store wouldn't replace or fix it.
  17. FrostyD

    FrostyD Active Member

    Suffered from light leakage, screen separation (causing light leakage), dusty upper left screen, crooked power button, clicky volume rocker, and the back cover doesn't fit flush.

    Took my phone in to fix light leakage and screen separation, they replaced LCD and said it would fix it and it definitely did nothing lol. But while taking it apart they fixed the power button and volume rocker. Unfortunately the rest i will have to deal with, and because of this i doubt HTC will be a future purchase for me.
  18. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    are you effing serious? This phone is garbage..

    So they fixed my light leakage(damaging the phone in the process).

    Now I have the 2nd of 4 major hardware defects that Sprint is denying warranty claims for... cracks in the case by the power button and volume down..
  19. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    So sad, just saw that the area around the HDMI port is a little cracked. Oh well, I don't really use that much, but still a little disappointing.
  20. SoulTerror

    SoulTerror Well-Known Member

    I can see some light around the bottom ports, but it's nice at night when I'm trying to plug my phone in, in the dark.
  21. nsuking2005

    nsuking2005 Member

    The only issue I've had is the lens has a couple of nasty cracks in it. But thankfully the camera still works perfectly fine, though. Aside from that, the hardware has been perfectly solid.
  22. quijibo

    quijibo Well-Known Member

    I had to send my phone in, through BB, to get it to stop going to speakerphone. The tech made note of a light spot(letter B), dust in the screen(upper left) and a mangled charging port. BB got it back to me after three weeks and the only thing they fixed was the speakerphone issue. The Geeksquad techs couldn't figure out why they didn't fix all of the problems that they listed, they said that they have a full time person that just calls vendors and contractors to find out why they aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing(?). My phone was also filthy, it even had a few long hairs pinched in between the glass and the frame. Are they sending these phones to a third world country to get fixed?
    I'm going to stop by the Sprint store and see if they can do anything for me.
    Other than that, this phone has lasted longer than almost any phone I"ve had.

  23. android91

    android91 Well-Known Member

    sometimes the usb charging cable comes loose. Annnoying to see it not charged when I wake up
  24. Cares

    Cares Well-Known Member

    Dirt under the screen on the top left corner. Light leakage on the bottom of the screen.
  25. cmanbrazil

    cmanbrazil Well-Known Member

    I have to get my phone replaced tomorrow and I am not happy. It was working perfectly but the usb port won't charge consistently. Its a shame because my phone looks practically brand new, and I would hate to get a replacement like some of the ones reported on here.

    I carry my evo without a case since I upgraded to a larger battery several months ago.

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