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  1. Sherman901

    Sherman901 Well-Known Member

    I'm considering a switch to Android with the Incredible and I want to know the pros/cons of Incredible vs. iPhone as far as build quality and stability, etc.

    Some of the main questions I have since I've seen a lot of busted screen threads:

    Does the screen have the coating the iPhone 3GS has where you can easily wipe smudges off the screen?

    Does the screen/device feel chintsy less durable than the iPhone?

    Does the glass scratch easily? My friend has an Eris and he has a pretty scratched screen so if it gets easily scratched I'm definitely just going to keep my iPhone.

    Let me know what you guys think, it'd really help me make a decision. I know that open source is cool and being in a closed system like the iPhone can be pretty frustrating but the best part about a closed in system is that 'it just works'.

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  2. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    Much better in all aspects than the iPhone.

    Put it this way, my father has the iPhone 3g and he wants to give it to my mom and get an Incredible now.

    Once you get past apple's marketing ploy/machine, you realize their products aren't very good.
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  3. BoozeRob

    BoozeRob Well-Known Member

    I came from an iPhone... no regrets. Software (and the network) is superior IMO.

    Build quality is great, no problems with it for me. As for the screen, it does seem to get its fair share of smudges, but they wipe off easily. I will probably pick up a SGP anti fingerprint when it comes out.

    No problems with scratches and its been in my pocket with my keys.

    The only two things that I have really noticed it that the stock browser is less responsive and sometimes the data seems to be a little slower. Other than that, I love it.
  4. 1967ls2

    1967ls2 Well-Known Member

    I'm not aware of any coating on the iphone that allows easy wiping of smudges. I thought it was just a glass screen like all the other iphones? Either way my Incredible has a similar glass screen and it is easily wiped to remove smudges and fingerprints. I wouldn't even consider that an issue if it something that you are concerned about.

    The Incredible feels lighter and thinner than the iphone but doesn't feel less durable IMO. The iphone does feel very solid though but that might have something to do with it actually weighing more. I feel extremely confident in the Incredible's build quality.

    Like I said before, Pretty sure the screens are both glass and you will have the same result if you scratch the iphone screen vs. the Incredible screen. I have no case or screen protector and I don't even think about the screen when I'm tossing it in my pocket.

    Honestly, my fiance' has an iphone and it has it's share of plenty of issues. It freezes all the time, the screen gets crazy sometimes, I have to constantly hard reset the device, etc. The HTC INcredible has been rock solid for me so far without even 1 issue. They are both great phones and I'm sure you will be happy with which ever one you choose. Go down to a verizon store and put your hands on one of the demo's they have so you can see for yourself. Good luck
  5. FlyPenFly

    FlyPenFly Well-Known Member

    iPhone has lots of pros but so does the current Android. I would say the Incredible is better right now for savvy users but its still not quite as mature of a complete platform as the iPhone. I would be interested to see how good the next gen iphone to be announced next month is.

    I have both an Incredible and an iPhone.

    In terms of overall build quality of the phone... the iPhone wins, the Incredible feels very fragile in my hand and not like a $600 phone. The iPhone and iPad especially feels like you got your money's worth in terms of hardware but it's just not there with all HTC phones I've used.

    That said, ever since I got my Incredible, I've been using it and leaving my iPhone at home.
  6. absolution

    absolution Well-Known Member

    Actually, that's not really true. While I personally prefer the look and feel of the Incredible to the iPhone, I can't deny that the iPhone DOES feel like it has more durable build quality. That said, get an anti-fingerprint screen protector and don't drop your phone and I don't think you'd have any issues with durability.

    It has been reported that the glass used on the Inc is gorilla glass (not sure if this is 100% confirmed or not but it was mentioned by an HTC rep) so it's quite possible more durable than the iPhone glass. Still, if you drop your phone, things are going to break.
  7. BoozeRob

    BoozeRob Well-Known Member

  8. MisterMixelpix

    MisterMixelpix Well-Known Member

    Yeah the iPhone does feel like a tank. The Inc doesn't feel quite as sturdy or "premium" as it does.

    That said, although I'm not a previous iPhone owner, I'll still say it's a better device as I've played pretty heavily with both. The screen resolution is double, it feels snappier, looks nicer, it's just better overall. As for the apps, c'mon. How many do you need?
  9. dpphotos

    dpphotos Member

    I switched from an iPhone 3G, so glad I did. A big part of it for me was to be able to dump AT&T and come back to Verizon.. so many dropped calls, it just wasn't funny anymore. I was also getting sick of the restrictions on Apps, for example no Wifi or 3G toggle app without jailbreaking, instead it's buried in the settings. I'm enjoying Verizon, Android and the DInc far more... and I think that will still be the case even after it's no so shiny and the honeymoon period is over. To try and answer your specific questions..

    Does the screen have the coating the iPhone 3GS has where you can easily wipe smudges off the screen? - Not sure what coating it has compared to the iPhone, but I think it wipes clean just as easily.

    Does the screen/device feel chintsy less durable than the iPhone? - I don't think so, a little lighter and 'softer' feeling, but the HTC build quality is great.

    Does the glass scratch easily? My friend has an Eris and he has a pretty scratched screen so if it gets easily scratched I'm definitely just going to keep my iPhone. - No scratches for me so far, used it mostly without a screen protector, but recently added one for safety.

    Let me know what you guys think, it'd really help me make a decision. I know that open source is cool and being in a closed system like the iPhone can be pretty frustrating but the best part about a closed in system is that 'it just works'. - For me this phone 'just works' great, but with more freedom for it to 'just work' the way I want it to.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide...
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  10. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

    the iphone may "feel" more solid...but the incredible IS more solid.
    htc is very well known for its quality material. i have my incredible in the case/holster combo so mine feels ultra solid :D
    i dropped 3 times so far without an issue.

    DROID_SCOTSMAN Well-Known Member

    Well- let me answer the durability question: three days ago I dropped my phone off my kitchen counter on to the tile floor- it landed square on the screen, the battery and backing went flying off (probably what saved my phone) and it didn't crack or mess up at all. So after this event I stopped by the store and got a nice cover for it. I got the black fade to red click on cover because the straight back cover wouldn't allow me to have a full screen protector. I actually like the weight and size in my hand now and side by side to a 3Gs w/ a cover there is no depth difference.

    I think it is wisest to put a screen protector on all your phones. A major difference w/ the Incredible over the iphone is you can buy insurance incase your phone is stolen, lost or broken- try that iphone!

    And an honest opinion from a first time smartphone user.. apples closed source makes it really nice for someone that doesn't need to ultra personalize their phone. It runs out of the box and I found runs smoothly- i give them major props for doing what they do well. As for having an open source phone there is a bit of a learning curve to figuring it all out, but there is so much more to do-- like d/l Mp3s ha take that apple! Now in my meetings I can download a couple of songs and when we are done they are there to listen to after (and I am talking about mere seconds over 3g to download a song!)--- the customization is a huge bonus!! I love my widgets ! I have a page for all my multimedia stuff (pandora, i heart radio, music player, you tube..etc) really cool stuff.

    You'll like it. It's not super simple like the iphone, but you can figure it out and with all the options you'll like it so much more
  12. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    Don't look for any iPhone love here, most people will tell you the iPhone sucks, even if they never touched one! However the iPhone is 3 generations in, and in my opinion is one of the best mobile devices out there. Yes there are some short comings, but for what its supposed to do, it does very well. Is the incredible better, I'd say different, not better! The incredible is an awesome device, look wise, speck wise, but its a first generation device and does have issues. For a phone that's on Verizon, the call quality is not good at all, and its a very known issue, and a very important one in my eyes, sub par at best. The battery is sub par as well, and imo needs to be replaced by a bigger one. This one will not get an average person through a day. The HD2 lasted longer for me, and my iPhone 3Gs has way better battery life.

    Now for some good! Android is awesome, the screen is absolutely beautiful, the camera is great, and the sense UI is fantastic. Listen this company HTC along with Google is putting out some awesome devices, and I love the Android platform. However like I said there are some hicups, and they will over time get addressed. But if I was a person coming from an iPhone I would really go into the store and play with it, or take advantage of the 30 day return period. All in all, both are great in there own right!
  13. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    As for the coating on the screen, I don't think its the same as the iPhone, but I would double check that! Throw an anti glare on and your good to go and no worries with fingerprints on either device!
  14. brichi

    brichi Well-Known Member

    I came from 3 years of the iPhone, No regrts at all, Service is great and the phone is perfect for me
  15. Napoleon_PhoneApart

    Napoleon_PhoneApart Well-Known Member

  16. benjamin7062

    benjamin7062 Well-Known Member

    You will find several decent and honest opinions in this thread. As of now the thread does not contain all the rhetoric generally spewed onto the forum.

    Good luck in your hunt for a new phone... =)
  17. BoozeRob

    BoozeRob Well-Known Member

    I really didn't notice a difference. Kinda made me think it was a gimmick. Then again when rumors of it wearing off in certain spot popped up I went out and got a screen protector anyway.

    Anyway, I loved my iPhone (2G and 3GS)... I just got bored.
  18. sean76

    sean76 Well-Known Member

    I couldnt agree more, by tonight there won't be such honest opinions...I will say I havent seen to much hate towards other devices like on some other forums! Diggin this Forum so far.
  19. benjamin7062

    benjamin7062 Well-Known Member

    Thus far it seems this forum stays on topic regarding the phone. However, there are a small but loud vocal minority that are emotionally invested in this phone. And, thus, are unable to handle any criticism towards it. If you find that you dislike something about this phone or you have issues you are probably better off seeking assistance elsewhere.

    However, if you generally want to chat about the phone or say good things about it this is the place to be.
  20. Kappen

    Kappen Well-Known Member

    I've had the original Iphone and the Iphone 3GS. The original Iphone I think is built better then the Incredible but I think the quality is the same on the Incredible versus the 3GS. I think a lot of the "cheapness" comments come from the thickness of the plastic back when you take it off. However, I can't tell you if the Iphone has the same thin plastic on its back or not because the back doesn't come off. Once the back is snapped back on the Incredible feels as solid at the 3GS. thumping on both backs produce similar sounds.

    I have my in the HTC case/holster combo and I have a screen protector on it mainly because that makes it easier to wipe off prints. I did the same with my Iphone.

    The only thing that I still think it weak on android is the music players and the email clients. I liked the Iphones better, but I'm getting used to the android ones I just think the Iphones were more natural and not as clumsy to use.

    The battery life on the incredible is a little worse then on the Iphone but hey you can buy a bigger battery which is what I did the 1750ma one that Seido sells. It uses the original back so all it adds it a little more weight to the phone and it brings it past the life I was getting on my Iphone.

    Hope this all helps.

    PS I forgot to mention no Audible Support so far for Android but there is suppose to be one in close beta tested **crosses fingers**
  21. benjamin7062

    benjamin7062 Well-Known Member

    I would assume a small number of people store addresses in their contacts. However, I fall into that category of people who stores _everyone's_ address in my contacts on Outlook.

    Try viewing an address using the 'Peoples' application. You can find it on GPS but I'll be damned if you can view it (without editing it).

    ...ultimately, some things still need some more polish.
  22. CarlGustav

    CarlGustav Member

    I loved my iPhone, but had to switch because of poor service from AT&T. The iPhone is an excellent device but the lack of custimization and closed system of Apple gets tiresome. I owned a 3GS since July of last year and just got bored with it.

    I only have 2 complains about android:
    Gaming is definetly sub-par compared to iPhone, unless you play a lot of games on a cell phone this is really a non issue.
    The scrolling physics arent as good, its very close, but iPhone wins here.

    As far as the phone is concerned, I'm glad that I switched, the screen does have the same coating as the iPhone which is really nice to wipe off fingerprints. I really like the open source system and being able to install an app that is not on the market, once this phone is rooted it will be even better.
  23. jgigs

    jgigs Well-Known Member

    "For a phone that's on Verizon, the call quality is not good at all, and its a very known issue, and a very important one in my eyes, sub par at best."

    I gotta disagree with ya here. Despite what the bar says, I get very good reception / call quality. Even when it shows 1 bar, I get very clear reception.
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  24. tonytownsend

    tonytownsend Well-Known Member

    honestly dont take an opinion from those who havent owned an iphone. The iphone is better in a lot of aspects. the App store is ten time better, It is also build to be an ipod as well, and this apples best selling product so you know they are always going to be competitive. I mean think about for the last two years apple has been building a phone that is on par with the incredible (-faster cpu) where was Htc and andriod.? I mean really I have a incredible it a nice phone but its tryin to be an iphone killer. That why we hear iphone killer so much.
  25. benjamin7062

    benjamin7062 Well-Known Member

    This is a very subjective topic and hard to really quantify. CDMA sends its data in frames and GSM doesn't. The way they handle their data/voice traffic is wildly different. Thus, low signal calling and dropped packets _sound_ different. Add to the equation that you have two different phones and it is really hard to compare apples-to-apples.

    It has been my experience that my wife and I can clearly understand each other while talking from Android -> iPhone 3GS. Others can clearly understand me while speaking from Android -> PSTN. These would both be under normal circumstances... That said, the calls DO sound more compressed than an iPhone call. (If you have ever heard a low bitrate mp3 vs the same song at a high bitrate; that is the sound of compression).

    (In my experience) the call quality is not necessarily worse on the Incredible from an iPhone 3GS but it is different.

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