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  1. PiitaaDerbez

    PiitaaDerbez Well-Known Member

    Before I got the EVO V I knew there were radio issues, but I bought it anyway and I wasn't pleased. The phone itself is great, but I missed too many calls even after rooting it and all that.

    So does the S2 have any big problems? I'm probably gonna get one in January.

    By the way, I'm definitely buying it from Best Buy. Their Geek Squad Protection is great.

  2. rcarter10

    rcarter10 Well-Known Member

    I've had it about a week and put it through some heavy use and no problems. I came from the triumph where I was flashing a rom evey week ;I don't think I'll even root this, it's fine like it is.
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  3. PiitaaDerbez

    PiitaaDerbez Well-Known Member

    That's great to hear. I also had the Triumph and yikes. I'm now using a One V. It's soooo slow but at least I'm not missing every other call >_<
  4. rcarter10

    rcarter10 Well-Known Member

    This thing is pretty zippy. Don't count on actually getting 4G though, looks like only a few major cities have it
  5. PiitaaDerbez

    PiitaaDerbez Well-Known Member

    I live in LA and I get a good 4G signal at my house and most places I go to ^_^
    I got 10Mbps consistently with the Evo V.
  6. dunkinhas

    dunkinhas New Member

    I love this phone i can do just about everything i can from my pc just need to learn how to do a couple things and im good.The only down side is the battery lifeyet such is the case with most smart phones.Yet i learned if i limit my apps to maybe 10 i get more battery life.
  7. notebooko

    notebooko Well-Known Member

    Best phone on virgin mobile hands down.
  8. lanceg

    lanceg Well-Known Member

    decent phone, the battery life was fairly weak (which is to be expected with such a big screen) and there the deep sleep "feature" that I posted in my other thread that led me to return the phone. It's SUPER annoying to use a phone that doesn't turn on when you push the power button.

    From using the phone, I got the impression it will be an AWESOME device with Cyanogen on it.
  9. b_randon14

    b_randon14 Well-Known Member Developer

    Any phone will deep sleep after screen is of for a bit as long as no apps are calling wake locks. Its been like this for sometime on Android phones. And trust me you want it deep sleeping cause if not the battery will not last at all!
  10. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Always had low signal on Triumph but not on this phone. The capacitive buttons actually work 100% of the time haha.
    Fast processor; games play so much better!
    No issues yet. I did root this phone but only for Titanium Backup to function. Stock rom is actually very nice and doesn't have as much bloatware as other VM phones. I think I only froze a few system apps one of them being touchwhiz. I prefer Nova. Oh yeah almost forgot: GPS actually works unlike the Triumph. Definitely buy it. With development groundwork already laid from other carriers versions, development for our phone should pick up very easily if we are all patient :) its easy to be patient when the phone is virtually flawless as it comes!
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