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  1. sudoku-san

    sudoku-san New Member

    Got ideapad K1 yesterday. After some trial I found I had to hold the power on button down for a few seconds to get power up. Pretty flaky, but worked most times.

    Today I found I couldn't get power up at all. Am sending to repair depot.

    Any others find a problem with power on? Or did I just get a lemon?

  2. msternst

    msternst New Member

    i have a new prime table - and it won't turn on - it is fully powered (and i've tried starting it up both with and without the power cord attached). I can't get anything to show up on the screen. Green light is on both where the power cord attaches and on the start up button.

  3. doggone

    doggone Member

    I've seen some mention of holding the button for up to a minute then release and it will start as normal.
    I don't think it's a widely reported problem.

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