Any radio recording on the built in FM Radio of HTC?

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  1. hatman

    hatman Member

    Android supports recording from the mic to amr format in the 3gp container.

    On the upcoming HTC Desire or even current HTC Desire, suppose I'm listening to the lovely built in FM radio and I want to make a recording of a breakfast show; would that be possible?

    Is there a possiblity for an app to be created that could record the built in radio in this manner? What about recording in a better quality like mp3?

    Does Android need to provide API access to the output speakers or...

    I am not reffering to internet/streaming radio, this is about the built in FM radio found in the latest HTC smartphones.

    any info, discussions

  2. midnjerry

    midnjerry New Member

    Did you ever figure out whether you can record the FM Tuner from an Android app?
  3. amalaravind

    amalaravind New Member

  4. dibbk

    dibbk New Member

    Hi all........ I am new to this forum
  5. dibbk

    dibbk New Member

    you may try the app which has recording facility of the streaming radio and you may play back any time you need
  6. xcnmhq

    xcnmhq Member

    Does Android need to provide API access to the output speakers[​IMG]

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