Any reason why games look horrible on nexus compared to other devices?Support

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  1. litobirdy

    litobirdy Well-Known Member

    a very simple example is the game called Field goal. I install it on my cm9 touchpad and poof, game looks incredibly clear etc. So i wanted it on the go, i install it on my nexus and eww game is nasty. Looks an NES game. pixelated etc. Same goes for games like Reckless racing etc etc. Why is that? isn't the GPU in this phone powerful to run these games clear and sexy?

  2. d.knight99

    d.knight99 Well-Known Member

    Not sure what the problem is, but reckless racing looks fine for me.
  3. binary visions

    binary visions Well-Known Member

    Hmm, do you have "force GPU rendering" checked in the settings?

    I'd try unchecking that - I haven't found a single game that looks bad.
  4. litobirdy

    litobirdy Well-Known Member

    Here are the 2 examples.I don't have the pics from my touchpad up yet but u can see the grainyness of both games.and worse in I don't have that option checked. Wat the hec.I can't upload the pics

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  5. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    I'd be curious to see your pics/examples if you can get them uploaded. I tend to agree that Flick Kick Fieldgoal tends to look better on other phones. However, games like NFL Kicker and NFL Flick Quarterback are downright gorgeous on this phone.
  6. litobirdy

    litobirdy Well-Known Member

    pics now uploaded major differences man. No one is complaining about how gaming looks on the nexus?
  7. Deathshead

    Deathshead Well-Known Member

    looks the apps are not updated for ICS and are displaying low res textures.
  8. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Well-Known Member

    This plus the game needs to adgusted for the GN resolution, if not the game will look "tall" or "fat" depending on how the res it tries use is
  9. litobirdy

    litobirdy Well-Known Member

    ok so then ya do agree games look poorer on the nexus compared to other devices?

    guess that also explains why they look better on the touchpad since resolution on the touchpad is less.
  10. stenzor

    stenzor Well-Known Member

    So the thread title should be: "Any reason why certain game developers haven't upgraded their games for a new device?"
  11. litobirdy

    litobirdy Well-Known Member

    well figured a game as popular as reckless racing, thought it'd look great on any recent device
  12. stenzor

    stenzor Well-Known Member

    just saying there's no reason to bash the device for something that's clearly the developer's fault
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