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Any recommendations for a good Froyo rom to install on HD2?General

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  1. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    I just traded my old iphone for an HD2. I would like to get a nice usable Froyo rom on it so I can take advantage of the big screen but I see there are many options.

    Hopefully someone with experience can stop through and point me in the right direction... :rolleyes:

    in the meantime I will keep reading up on the matter.

  2. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

  3. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the advice. From what I have read I saw that some roms I could run just from putting on the sd card and running it. The other method is more involved - hspl3, custom win mo rom, then android rom. I haven't bothered trying the second one yet just because of the involvement.

    Do you have experience with the hspl method and does it have distinct advantages? i am running a version of cyanogenmod installed the easy way, which is fast and good in many ways except I haven't got phone calls to work (lol! I know, I know).

    Basically is the hspl way that much more stable that it is worth the trouble? thanks for the input.
  4. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    Right now, I am running it off the SD to just mess with it. I am going to see about getting it on there via the HSPL method since I have no desire to run WM at all, ever.

    I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    So Talderon I am trying to run the build you linked too. But it seems that when I run the two files in succession it begins with the black and white linux booting screen, then it almost immediately goes to a htc logo page ("htc" on a white page) and stays there indefinitely (more than 40 minutes). I am wondering what was your experience? Any suggestions?

    Also I am wondering if it is not working because I havent deleted the last rom ("HyperDroid" or something like that) with all the files it created from the same SD card that I am trying to boot this one from. Is this a common sense "no no" that I should I know about? If I partitioned the SD with an empty area could I run the rom you suggested from there?

    Thanks for the help...
  6. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    First off, I would remove the other ROM from the SD Card and make sure it's all clean.

    Second, in the OP of that ROM thread, there is a 1GB data.img file you can download (when zipped, it's not 1GB, more like 175KB, but when unzipped is 1GB) and put that in the root of the Android folder, this will help speed up the initial boot-up and build.

    Be sure to go into the Windows ROM you are running and disable Sense on the Windows Mobile side to help speed things along as well.

    Another thing, do NOT run SetCPU with Android ROM's on HD2's, Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SetCPU, but since these are not native ROM's, it kinda freaks things out and lags the CPU.

    See if those things help.
  7. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

  8. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    Cool, I'll have a look. I have also tried out a few and found one that is working for me for now. I am used to my Nexus One and so the HTC Sense experience is something still not familiar to me.

    I have been using this one which basically feels like a blown up Nexus in a very good way [Build][10.12.2010][NexusHD2-FRG83D V1.8 PPP+RMNET][Kernel: hastarin r8.5.3_oldcam] - xda-developers
    I have no real complaints so far except that the speakers could be a bit louder and I was hoping it would magically make my battery last forever and I would never have to charge it again (needless to say, that didnt happen) :rolleyes:

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