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  1. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    Just wondering if anybody has the specs and best guess on release date.
    I heard 3.1" VGA (480 x 640)
    Android 2.3
    1.2GHZ Qualcomm MSM 8655 cpu
    looking for size info yet

  2. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    I would think by now someone somewhere would have a release date guess
  3. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

  4. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    I got one and love it. It is my work phone and the new Sprint Direct Connect works great.
  5. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear, I have two coming tonight.
  6. 26.2

    26.2 Member

    I am very interested in this phone.
    Two request/questions:
    1. does this phone require the $10 additional monthly Sprint data fee (since it does not have 4g)?
    2. Could someone please post a review of the phone.
  7. catpowrd

    catpowrd Well-Known Member

    Yes it does require the $10 fee.
    I received a pair of them a few days ago and seem like nice phones, fast processor nice size phone, no SD card included. Battery is the best of any smart phone I have seen. I think it will last more than 24 hours with strong signal and light use. The verdict is out on PTT. Not sure yet if it works right, had it lock up a couple times and tell me to wait for it to finish setting up direct connect. It does work cross platform to nextel PTT ok. It seems like if it looses the Sprint signal it takes a few minutes to reset it self.
  8. 26.2

    26.2 Member

    Thank you for the prompt response.
    I have an Evo 4g with Sprint.
    I previously had a Blackberry Bold and miss the keyboard.
    Are you pleased with the keyboard on the Admiral?
  9. rendang

    rendang Member

    I am looking to get the Admiral as well.

    Was originally looking at the XPRT but willing to give up world phone capability to gain a better processor, more storage, better styling (IMO), better screen, Gingerbread (XPRT was supposed to get Gingerbread but no ETA yet).

    I had a chance to play with one at the store while it was turned off as they had not had a chance to activate it. I like the keyboard better than the XPRT. I'm coming from a Palm Pre so a physical portrait QWERTY is key for me.

    I'm waiting to see screen protectors pop up for it too. Motorola prints a location privacy warning on the screen protector so you need to take it off pretty much immediately in order to see the screen. I know it has Gorilla Glass but they still do scratch and I like having a protector on there from day 1. Xtreme-guard is my protector of choice and I've contacted them to see ETA on availability.
  10. 26.2

    26.2 Member

    One additional question for anyone who currently has the Admiral:
    1. are you able to program any of the keys (either alpha or numeric) for speed dial (this is another feature I had on the blackberry that I miss with the evo 4g)?
    Believe it or not, I am not as concerned with the direct connect function of the phone. Looking for a powerful blackberry bold on Sprint and hoping this phone is it (even though it has android as the OS). I am planning on using this phone predominately for business (in an office environment).
  11. keenan6

    keenan6 Well-Known Member

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