Any resource for what Android version in a phone?

  1. TambourineMan

    TambourineMan Well-Known Member

    Is there a resource or link that compares the version of Android in the various Android phones, i.e., version 2.0 versus 1.5, or whatever?

  2. detroid

    detroid Well-Known Member

    Here is one for you

    1.5 good
    1.6 gooder
    2.0 goodest
  3. TambourineMan

    TambourineMan Well-Known Member

    Yep, and 2.0.1 is even better.

    But I don't have an Android phone yet and do not exactly understand if you can update the OS yourself, or have to wait until a manufacturer provides it, or whether the hardware for all Android phones supports all current and future versions of the OS.

    I read somewhere that the Motorola Droids have version 2.0, but the HTC phones only have 1.5

    I like HTC better than Moto but I would rather have the latest OS and don't know if it can be put on an HTC phone.

    Do carriers impose any limitations on which OS you can have?

    Sorry for the noobie questions.
  4. G8D

    G8D Well-Known Member

    2.x will come to HTC phones soon enough.
    Networks must approve the firmware and also potentially brand it.. Rooting the phone avoids these limits tho :)
  5. detroid

    detroid Well-Known Member

    It's not like Windows. You cannot just get a new version and update it yourself.

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