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  1. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    Ive tried everything Muve and even back to stock. It stops at install package. Update failed pull battery. Any sugestions? Seems Cricket is the only carrier that works. Also tried E signature failed. How can someone on stock recovery change signature permissions? Stock recovery doesnt have that like Clockwork does. Im on 2.3.6 and want to root or downgrade. Ive tried them all. Experts please

  2. pauljulian

    pauljulian Member

    I'm seeing all over the web issues with the sig. verification failure... and it happens with any and every zip file downloaded and put on my sd... anyone? PLEASE!!!!! I've seen the video (cricket customer) that says to turn SD verification off... is not an option on StraightTalk ROMs, and it's frustrating as hell...
  3. cell2011

    cell2011 Well-Known Member

    I know its frustrating i hear ya. This has to be done im sure someone can do this if they can push out roms left and right and different rooting methods for Cricket and US Cellular then someone must kinds know a method that can work. Ive tried everything too and thanks god these phones dont brick it seems. Ive even tried other phone rooting methods for droid or samsung and flashtool. Any experts can take this on. We just need root and clockwork
  4. pauljulian

    pauljulian Member

    Indeed... And, as much as I love to fart around with my devices, I'd just like to be able to use my maintenance and admin apps... got this pretty new beast, and I really like it (if I wanted state-of-the-art, would've spent more $$, but it suits my purposes perfectly... except... can't use root toolbox pro or Titanium, or a relatively small number of others... small number, but they are go-to apps for me.... aaaarrrgggg!... <smile> can't be too difficult, I wouldn't think, but my background is in Delphi and SQL, not any of the C language family....)
  5. pauljulian

    pauljulian Member

    Hmmm... nothing yet... no worries, just kinda checking in a couple of times per day...

    Unfortunately, our ST flavored devices are the new kids on the block, so I'm patient and well aware some guru will help us out... just need root... then CM9's going on this puppy... the biggest problem seems to be that Cricket and US-whatever folks have the ability in recovery to turn off signature-checking... if that particular tweak is easier than a whole image, please, from a tired old hippie enjoying life in the desert Southwest... <smile>
  6. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Well-Known Member

    FWIW, the bulk of the info is for Cricket. i had to figure out my USCC A2 on my own for the most part.

    try this, again if need be...

    download these three programs

    PDA Net, this will install the drivers for your phone on your computer


    Super One Click

    after installing an running PDA Net, open SDK and Super One Click, plug your phone in, and hit root. that's what worked for me anyway...
  7. diceman1000

    diceman1000 Well-Known Member

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