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  1. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Been waiting patiently for any rumors involving a jelly bean upgrade for the 4g lte. I saw that s-off and root process has been achieved but it does look a little risky. I'm just not comfortable playing around with root until my warranty has expired. Besides, I'm pretty satisfied with how this device performs now, but an ota update to jelly bean would be happily accepted. So, anyone want to start some rumors? :dontknow:

  2. prairiedogn

    prairiedogn Well-Known Member

    The root method is very stable and safe run the automated script to unlock your bootloader and flash su to root just be sure to run the option in the same script to revert your cid back to it's original state like I said very stable very safe very easy but on s-off I'm still not there so ehh I have nothing to say bout it. I've heard jelly bean is in our future but very distant
  3. prairiedogn

    prairiedogn Well-Known Member

    Of course s-off is always risky but I know first hand the root method is pretty clean as long as you put your cid back the guys who made this script worked very hard to make it as easy and safe as possible
  4. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

  5. If you are pure stock (not unlocked, zero modifications), I recommend going for the s-off directly without doing the fakeCID unlock first. However, be sure to follow the directions exactly, making sure to use the recommended operating system. The 32 bit Ubuntu LiveCD method works very well.
  6. jro1010

    jro1010 New Member

    Hi Everyone. I am new to this forum and I would like to add my two cents to this conversation. I just got an email from HTC regarding the "Incredible" 4g update, where they are telling me they will NOT upgrade that phone to Jelly Bean, and that HTC doesn't have anything to do with that decision but that it was the "carrier's". My answer to that is that it doesn't makes sense to buy a phone that you can't upgrade for two years and that by the end of the first year is going to be outdated. That it doesn't make sense either, that if you have an iPhone, you don't have those problems. Also, I think that practice might constitute an "unfair commercial practice", and/or that it might violate the anti monopolistic laws (agreed or not agreed by contract between the companies and the carriers), to have one company (in this case Apple) to play under different rules, letting us customers without options but to buy iPhones if we want to have an up to date device during the duration of the contract with the carrier. So, my wild proposal? What if we HTC and/or androids phone owners decide to create a class action suit against HTC, motorola, samsung etc... and the Carriers as well? WE have rights too. So, if the updates are available why should we be obligated to buy a new phone to be able to have the updated version of the operating system? Doesn't it sounds wrong to you? or is it just me?
  7. prairiedogn

    prairiedogn Well-Known Member

    HTC will not speak of an update that has not been announced to be released so therefor them telling you they will not update this phone is just if anything them not announcing an update
  8. ryem84

    ryem84 Well-Known Member

    i keep hearing rumors that we are on the list for the jelly bean update
  9. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    The Incredible 2 is getting ICS tomorrow. Really... I don't think Verizon will release an update for any of their phones ever.
  10. cjr4497

    cjr4497 Member

    I was assured that the Inc 4G was getting Jelly Bean before I bought the phone. My Verizon rep admitted that is would likely take a while.

    My wife's maxx hd has Jelly Bean. The only thing I see that I want from it is the voice recognition system.
  11. Amarah

    Amarah Active Member

    FYI, I had an absolutely horrible f****** day, and ended up at the VZ store HOPING they could give me some info on when JB would come out (just something to make my day seem a *little* better).

    The reps spent some time looking into it (apparently I really did look that despondent), and after about 20 minutes decided that they couldn't find a definite date, but DID tell me that the fact that it says "coming soon" on the update page on VZW means that it should be w/in the next 30 days.

    Here's to hoping. ::fingers crossed::
  12. ryem84

    ryem84 Well-Known Member

    i will believe that when i see it...sounds like a typical verizon answer to just answer the question and get the customer out of the store....
  13. j13smiley

    j13smiley Well-Known Member

    google now? there is a modded version that (partially) works on our phones. i've been running it and can't wait to hopefully run the full version some day.

    that's surprising... if it really were 30 days away i think we'd have heard something... 6 months at least before i start getting excited. i personally wonder if we'll even get any devs working on a ported version for us...
  14. prairiedogn

    prairiedogn Well-Known Member

    CM 10.1 has made me happy.

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