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  1. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    The reason I'm asking is the Motorola Triumph forum is full of people complaining of having a weak signal on their phones. 90% of these people are coming from the Optimus V, so they are already familiar with VM coverage and are almost universally saying they have a weaker signal with the Triumph. Is this an issue with the other X6 variants, or did the Triumph just get stuck with a crap CDMA radio? As far as I know, the Triumph is the only CDMA version, correct?

  2. beatsworkn

    beatsworkn Well-Known Member

    Never had an issue with any of the reception quality of the X6's ive bought, 7 in total (5 for family and friends). One WellcoM A99 i received was defective the GSM radio did not work at all, no coverage, the unit was replaced under warranty no hassles.

    I have a app that shows where my local cell towers are on Google map, if i think im receiving poor coverage i just check the app to make sure there's nothing wrong with the radio.

    One of the X6's i have connects to Australia's fastest wireless telco HSPA+ network capable of 42Mbps on 850Mhz. The X6 however is capped at 14.4Mbps.

    The Triumph is the only CDMA version as far as i know. None of the Asian variants are CDMA. Your Ascend X is also GSM, if it was CDMA then the 4G claim would make sense.
  3. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I figured it must be a problem with the CDMA radios in the Triumph, since I never heard any complaints about signal strength or call sound quality before. They seem to be having a lot of problems with that phone, with a lot of returns as defective, and even multiple returns. So much for Motorola's superior QA lol. I find it amusing that after all the denial about it being an x6 variant, and all of the "this is a Motorola, not some cheap China phone" talk, all of the same issues you guys told me about are being reported. Light leaking from the same exact place you warned me about, phone gets hot, etc. They also seem to have problems with the auto-focus on the camera going bad, and the signal and sound quality issues I mentioned before. They have a busy forum, though. (mostly of people complaining now that the phone is actually out lol). I wonder why they can root with Gingerbreak while the Ascend X can't, though.
    Anyway, I've pretty much eliminated the Triumph from consideration for being my next phone, mostly due to Virgin USA crappy network + weak CDMA antenna = not worth $300. At least if I get bad coverage from CinBell, I can get the Ascend x unlocked and put a T-mobile sim in there. The Nexus s, I don't think Google lets any carrier lock, and it gets all of the updates from Google as soon as they come out. It's a tough decision between those two phones, unless I find a great deal on something from Craigslist. A guy had a Sensation on there, brand new in the box for $375 yesterday, but it got sold right away. :(

    P.S.- the fastest 4g network in the US is Verizon, a CDMA/LTE network. The sad thing is if the ATT/T-Mobile merger goes through, we will only have one major GSM carrier over here.

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