Any success rooting this phone yet?

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  1. Curt0195

    Curt0195 New Member

    I've tried Super One Click v2.3.3 but the process always becomes unresponsive at Step 7. If anyone has had any success please let us know so that we can remove the MASSIVE amount of Bloatware on this thing!

  2. MeltMan274

    MeltMan274 New Member

    No luck here as well, tried SuperOneClick (freezes on step 7 but it never obtains shell root early on, so that would explain that..), GingerBreak also fails at the zergrush phase, probably for similar reasons.
  3. phillip87

    phillip87 New Member

    Hopefully someone figures this out soon. I have not been successful yet either. I love this phone, but I need to get the tethering working.
  4. jeetster

    jeetster New Member

    not 100% but should work. Worst case scenario itll fail.

    1. connect to a pc with USB (and the samsung drivers installed ... windows should automatically download them).

    2. USB debugging turned on and has to have adb drivers installed on the pc for that device.

    3. Then just unzip the file and execute the runme.bat in Windows. It will report error if it does not work.
  5. MeltMan274

    MeltMan274 New Member

  6. MeltMan274

    MeltMan274 New Member

    It's also not on Samsung's OpenSource yet, not even as "Announced", so that provides little hope without source to compile an exploited kernel from.. (or source to look at an exploit in..)
  7. Crimson Fog

    Crimson Fog Active Member

    Just picked this up today. Anyone root it yet? The device isnt even listed on XDA yet.
  8. finalEpic

    finalEpic New Member

    Alright well since people dont seem to motivated over at XDA, can we get a tutorial going on this? It's not absolute rocket science, pretty sure I nearly rooted it on my first attempt using common sense. Just looked up the SGII root procedure and followed it flashed the recovery over was successful but the video drivers are different so you can't really see what your doing, you'll need another rooted device and know what the buttons do in recovery to blindly flash over SuperUser to get root.

    So I'm thinking we just need to get someone to dump the phone so we can merge the video drivers of the SGB and copy them over the SGII recovery so we can get a working recovery. I used Odin3v1.85 to flash cwm-hercules onto the phone and it worked I just can't navigate the recovery.

    If anyone has any suggestions or a walkthrough or anything really please reply or PM me.

    P.S - The phone has been rooted over at xda, we just need to get an advanced script to chroot it or get those drivers to make it easier for us (the masses).
  9. rbeier1221

    rbeier1221 New Member

    There's a thread on XDA under the 'About XDA' forum to vote on new forums so maybe we can get it added.
  10. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

  11. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

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