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Any suggestions for this tablet ?

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  1. marrie818

    marrie818 Member

    hello guys, i'm new to here and total newbie for android tablets. I need to buy a tablet PC, so i'm wandering if anybody can help me to choose one.
    And i have a budget, see 200-250 USD, it maybe better in 7", and with capacitive screen. I need the tablet with android 2.3, coz i heard that it's the newest in the market, right?
    Actually, one of my friends from India told me a new site SpeMall.com for consumer electronics, and i found a tablet there seems to be a good choice, it comes with android 2.3 and TI ARM CORTEX A8 Processor Built in Bluetooth, built in webcam and G sensor etc, and here's the link: 7 Inch High Resolution 1024*600 Capacitive Screen Android 2.3 Tablet PC with TI ARM CORTEX A8 Processor Built in Bluetooth - China Electronics Wholesale - Consumer Electronics Gadgets Dropship From China So how do you think about it? Will appreciated for any suggestions,thx...

  2. natEMi

    natEMi Well-Known Member

    Don't buy that. Get the upcoming archos tablet. It's only $279, and it runs 3.0, which is actually made for a tablet.
  3. marrie818

    marrie818 Member

    oh really? thx,android 3.0 seems attractive,but i heard that i need to wait a long time for android 3.0, i can't wait,coz i need to buy it in the couple of days, it's a present.:cool:
    anyway,thanks for ur suggestion....
  4. natEMi

    natEMi Well-Known Member

    It's actually 3.1, but the tablet's not out until september. Maybe the wifi Galaxy Tab instead?
  5. julesp24

    julesp24 Member

    Hey there,

    I'm also in the market for a tablet. I've looked at the Galaxy 7" and it looks good to me. I've also done some small amount of investigation on the Kyros 7" and for a cheaper unit seems not to be too bad.

    I need it mainly for reading books, a little bit of general surfing, emails, and anything else would be a bonus.

    I've not even had an Android phone so the whole thing is new to me.

    What're your thoughts?
  6. marrie818

    marrie818 Member

    hey,guys, it's said that the new android market will comming in few weeks to devices
    running Android 2.2 and higher.
    how do you think about it?

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