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Any tips on cleaning the usb port?General

  1. LesB

    LesB Well-Known Member

    Usb port is really really dirty, and possibly slightly corroded. I have tried everything I can think of. Q-tips are too big, toothpicks cant scrub, old tooth brush wont get it..... Looking for any ideas you might have.

  2. L0u1

    L0u1 Member

    That dirty, really??? Whoa!
    Try compressed air...Once that is cleaned out, definitely get it covered with something until you get one of USB dust plugs on Ebay
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  3. janathan

    janathan Well-Known Member

    Spray SMALL amount of WD-40. it will work. use the dropper.....be careful if u spray a lot it will go inside the found.
  4. LesB

    LesB Well-Known Member

    Yeah that dirty....I do heating and A/C repair and occasionally drop my phone in the dirt, that explains my shattered screen too. Tried compressed air, well nitrogen but same difference, didnt work too well. I did get it clean though. Here is how.

    I had an eye dropper of sorts, it was actually from when I had a tooth pulled to rinse the socket, it has a very small tip. I filled it with alcohol and gently pulsed it into the opening. This rinsed most of it out but the contacts still looked very dirty. I took a paintbrush from my kids playset, it had very stiff bristles, squirted a little alcohol in and brushed it, repeated that about 5 times and it is clean as a whistle.

    Have to look into that dust plug, thanks for the tip.
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  5. bemenaker

    bemenaker Well-Known Member

    Make sure you have the battery pulled if you are using alcohol as it will conduct electricity. Never put alcohol on live circuits.
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  6. LesB

    LesB Well-Known Member

    good call, didn't think to mention that!

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