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  1. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    Guess I'll post the first thread in the general section. Any user reviews? I don't have anything specific as I bought the Nitro for my Wife, but she loves it!

  2. spaceboyusa

    spaceboyusa Member

    So far so good here. I'm coming off a Vivid that I had for 29 days and would say the following (given I'm a heavy email/text/social media/contacts/web pages kind of guy vs. a gamer/video watcher):
    1. Screen is as good as what all the reviewers say; appears to have a slight Samsung-like blueish tint at lower brightness levels but side by side with the Vivid, on text (which I care a ton about), you could see the clarity difference
    2. GPS is spot on/more accurate at first hit
    3. Ability to remove bloat-ware is good/works
    4. Encountering some of the lag between apps and navigating across home screens
    5. Encountering some of the "have to hit the screen multiple times to get it to do something" that a few of the reviewers have commented on
    6. No call or wifi connectivity issues and in fact, have held a voice signal a bit better in some "low spots" vs. the Vivid and iPhone 4 (previous phone to Vivid)
    7. Rear speakerphone is good, and consistently easier to hear than the Vivid (especially on the Vivid when I listed to voice mails; I had to pursue loading a 3rd party app to try to fix this on the such need here)
    8. My wife says I sound a bit less "tinny" on the Nitro than I did on the Vivid
    9. Switched out the stock browser to get rid of that static toolbar for Dolphin HD
    10. Not sure if this is an LG overlay vs. HTC Sense issue, but the Mail app "Combined Inbox" on the LG won't pick up new email when I have all of my accounts set to "Manual", and there's no "Refresh" option provided to manually refresh (but the "Refresh" option is available on the individual mail boxes)

    Only had the phone 36 hours but so far I'm not regretting turning in the Vivid, even with the few quirks as I'm optimistic they can be sorted. Full disclosore: I'm an Android noob having broken free from the iHype 31 days back after 4 years and 3 iPhones.
  3. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Well-Known Member

    I'm lucky I got the vivid for .01 so no way I'm sending it back. I got my wife the nitro and I'm always playing with it. I love it, so does she. 6 hours of video viewing at 80% screen brightness is noting to sneeze at.
  4. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    There have been a few that were posted in the root section prior to the addition of general for the Nitro...

    I will see about moving those here
  5. slatestud14

    slatestud14 Member

    I've noticed some hang ups when trying to turn airplane mode off/on. The networks freeze and it requires a reboot.

    I wish the battery life was better.

    Everything else is perfect. Screen is the best quality on the planet.
  6. spaceboyusa

    spaceboyusa Member

    Quick update: I replaced all stock primary UI stuff with GO Launcher EX and related widgets (Locker, Theme, SMSPro, ContactEX, etc.), and the lag on moving the Nitro has essentially disappeared. As a noob, I thought I would give an off-the-shelf launcher a try to see if it helped...and it did. I'll continue to break free of my noob-iness nature and start playing around with a hard reset and/or root to see if things continue to improve.

    Overall, 4 days in and not regretting my switch from the Vivid to the Nitro. More to come.
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  7. dalamchops

    dalamchops Member

    i love the phone also... everything about it except the battery life... down to 50%, 9 hr up time, 1:20min screen time. Not unacceptable, but not good at all, with this kind of usage i'm used to being at around 75% with the i9100
  8. slukeg

    slukeg New Member

    my mms won't work 75% of the time. any suggestions? tried handcent already and that resolved absolutely nothing.
  9. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    are you having any other network related issues?

    what phone did you come from?

    on the Vivid and Skyrocket users have experienced several data related issues because their account was not properly set up for the new phone.
  10. homegeek

    homegeek Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have any concerns over the cover on the USB port? I am worried that will easily break.
  11. mgoblueno1

    mgoblueno1 Well-Known Member

    Coming from a samsung phone with the same usb port cover, I'll say its not really an issue at all. I mean I guess if you really tried to pull it off you probably could, but I don't mind it
  12. Darkflame1

    Darkflame1 Active Member

    I've had mine now going on 5 days. Functionally it seems ok, but won't keep my bluetooth earpiece connected (when it works flawlessly with one other phone), and won't stay connected to my wi-fi network at home (when the netbook never loses a connection).

    I do like the fact that when I am connected to the wi-fi network at home, I have full access to the file server (Linux Ubuntu) and everything that's on it. I also downloaded a print app, and it does great (.pdf & .jpg files) printing wirelessly through the network to the ethernet connected Xerox Phasor color printer, but doesn't recognize .doc files.

    I can't stand the fact that there never seems to be a way to turn off the apps when I am finished with them. Even tho it seems to be the industry standard, it is not acceptable.

    I came to the Nitro from an HP iPAQ pocket pc. That was a new world for me, 6 years ago. This is a new world for me today. The extended life battery on the iPAQ lasted almost a week without needing recharging. I'm recharging this thing a couple of times per day.

    I have downloaded several apps, still trying to find the right to-do list app. Thinking about rooting but haven't figured out what I can do that would be useful (not that there isn't anything, I just haven't been exposed yet). Would like to know more about what can be done to the Android via root access. Would like to get rid of the bloatware (what is this Zynga Poker game, anyway???).

    One thing is that the unit is bigger than anything else I've seen. It's 5.27" long, which is longer than any other phone I've found. As such, I've not been able to find any kind of belt clip or even protective sleeve - except this fugly black & white "ballistic" thing that will protect it from being dropped, but not from being dropped in a suitcase. Needs a good leather cover or slip-case.

    Picture quality is simply amazing. It's must-see-it-to-believe-it quality.

    Audio (music) reminds me of those old "17 transistor" radios we had when I was a kid. Today it's all on one chip. But, those little AM radios sounded pretty good in their day, but not so much today. This is only slightly better. Probably would sound MUCH better piped through a sound system or at least a stereo bluetooth headset.

    Would like to try the remote-control apps. Got the flashlight app & that's pretty cool - very bright single-led light. Got the air horn app, which means I can say something once, and then repeat myself a thousand times with just a touch - something the kids are starting not to like very much!
  13. Bmxant

    Bmxant Well-Known Member

    Hello Dark,

    Rooting is VERY easy to do, read this thread and you'll be done within 10 minutes.

    LG Nitro Root - xda-developers

    It may not work right away, but it will go through.

    Afterwards you can use Titanium Backup to either freeze or uninstall apps, there's a thread on this as well.

    Have you tried out an alternative launcher yet? If not I recommend Go Launcher EX, definitely a nice performance boost! (Looks good too!)

    Edit: Just saw your other thread on rooting, great post, had no idea some of those apps existed.

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