Any way to change color scheme on ICS?Support

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  1. kmoff77

    kmoff77 Member

    My fiancee has the Razr and just got the upgrade to ICS this weekend. She doesn't like it yet. The thing she dislikes the most is the color scheme. She said it is very dark and tough for her to read.

    I would love if someone could assist in changing the color scheme. I haven't played with her phone, but she said something about blue writing with a black background. This isn't her background but when she gets a call, brings up apps, contacts, etc..

    I'd greatly appreciate any help so I can get her off my back. :D

  2. kmoff77

    kmoff77 Member

    after doing a bit more research, i've heard others refer to nova launcher.

    Does anyone have any experience with that or if it would help her issue.
  3. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    Go launcher is free and will work great to give her lots of options.
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